Sunday 15 March 2015


Well no shit, Sherlock! How blessed we are to have such such lucid prescience in our midst. What would we do without them? The comical thing is, the lad probably thinks he's telling us something new. I suppose he and Goodwin will both have to change their tunes sharpish now to salvage their reputations. The glass ceiling was always there for those with eyes to see it.

That said, I might very well change my tune. Up to now, I have have always said that the grubby populism of Ukip would be the glass ceiling. But being that Farage IS Ukip, I might very well lower that glass ceiling in that the appeal of Ukip is pegged to Farage, and puff pieces from the Telegraph notwithstanding, it is tanking.

It might well be that he wins in South Thanet, (I have my doubts) but that means we'll see a lot more of him. And the higher the monkey climbs, the more you see of his ass. After which, it's curtains for Ukip. Not that this will matter to Farage, for it will have served his ambitions.

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