Tuesday 22 March 2016

Shurely shome mishtake?

This hereabove is a typical comment on Breitbart. Breitbart doesn't allow comments that attack Ukip. Moderate comments are pruned. The kind of comment we see above is encouraged. It is the business model of Breitbart to pander to these very people. Now substitute "muslim" for "jew" and "mosque" for "synagogue".

The comment was spotted underneath this article, by James Delingpole, entitled "Only ‘Brexit’ Can Save Britain From This Scourge Of Political Islam Waging War In Europe".

Demonstrably, and self-evidently untrue. A new low for Delingpole. Here vanishes the last shred of respect I had for him. 

You would think that would be sufficiently unpleasant for the head of communications of a Leave organisation seeking the lead designation to leave well alone. Not so Andy Wigmore of Leave.EU, penning an embarrassing screed on the subject of the Commonwealth (despite having had plenty briefing as to why it is not close to a plausible proposition for Britain).

It's not like he hasn't been told that Breitbart is a nasty rag that our efforts should not be associated with either. 

And as repellent as it is, such a line failed to produce a single MP for Ukip in the general election - and will not bring us anywhere close to securing the 51% we need to leave the EU - nor will it do anything to expand the appeal of our cause. In every sense it is ill-advised. More curious is that he is writing in his capacity a diplomat attached to the Belizean High Commission in London. Is this the message Belize is trying to project?

I can't say. But you can imagine my irritation and confusion when readers persistently complain to me about the things I say, when my message is that we must have a progressive, orderly and risk free Brexit plan and should argue the democracy and global engagement case over and above immigration and traditional little Englander euroscepticism. 

One must never point out that it's not a good idea to ally ourselves with nazi shitrags like Breitbart who deliver nothing but repeated failures for Ukip. And I mustn't ever say that Boris Johnson is a malevolent self-serving shit. And god forbid I call anyone a moron. No, I must show unity. I mustn't criticise. I could lose the referendum for us if I happen to notice that half the leave brigade are bunch of mouthbreathers, racists and fantasists. So long as I keep quiet, nobody else will notice, right?

Sunday 20 March 2016

Campaign conduct

From the outset I have had a torrent of mithering from supposed allies in all corners. Mithering about tone and language - in the assumption that if only we we nicer to people they would be more inclined to listen to us. This overlooks that the pig ignorant, self-absorbed, self-referential London clan have sought to exclude outsiders from the start - not least with the IEA who turned their backs on the very idea of a graduated exit from the EU - an idea now considered by our own civil service.

There has been plotting and scheming by illiterate, broadly racist Ukip scum to prevent Flexcit being adopted by the campaign, and a determination by the Remain campaign to deny such a plan exists. It stinks.

Time and again Richard North and I are told to moderate our tone and behaviour while it is perfectly acceptable for wankers like Boris Johnson to hijack the campaign and take a giant shit on everything we have worked for - while the eurosceptic aristocracy carve out their own fanbases on the back of risible Brexit propositions based on anti-immigration or libertarian fantasies.

Somehow we are supposed to moderate our tone and give these dickheads a free pass - meanwhile Tory wastrels have given the PM a free pass on the biggest lie of the century so far - that he has secured EU reforms. What the actual fuck?

In this we have all and sundry queuing up telling us what our tone should be, what we should do, how we should say it, and who we should speak to - regardless of them all being entirely unwilling to spend less time whingeing and actually doing as we asked - and set up a blog to attack the lying prime minister.

Richard North and I are utterly fed up, utterly demoralised and tried. We are sick of this pretentious twattery that says we must abide by certain standards but everybody else is entitled to fuck us over in any way they see fit. All the while the public are peeling away from the debate out of boredom and apathy.

At the launch of The Leave Alliance, the first question from the floor was not about the three years of intensive collaborative research we have compiled but a query as to whether it was the done thing to call Tory MP's bovine and Boris Johnson a moron. Despite both factors being entirely self-evident to anyone with an IQ exceeding that of a gerbil.

Frankly, I am sick of it. With four months to go, we've got the main Leave campaigns playing school yard politics - saying that the Remain camp can't say what staying in looks like - as their main defence. Anything rather than meet the challenge and present voters with comprehensive answers. It's pathetic.

Even supposed allies cannot make up their own minds, and the support we have is fickle - dependent not on the strength of our arguments, but on our willingness to watch our p's and q's in the presence of our betters - despite them pissing away our last best hope for democracy.

All we've had is a torrent of mithering rather than people joining our protest against the bastards who have hijacked this campaign from the outset and destroyed it - along with our chances of winning. Then have the gall to say that it is our protest that could cost us the referendum.

Sorry people, but given how little you have contributed to what we have tried to do, and how much grief you have given us, when all we have asked you to do is recognise and promote the fact that we need an orderly, planned withdrawal that protects trade, you have no right to be telling anybody how they should conduct themselves.

In fact, Richard North and I have come to the conclusion that being polite and constructive got us nowhere. It is not our conduct that prevented Flexcit being evaluated for use. It was the idiocy of Dominic Cummings and the cowardice of Arron Banks in the face of Ukipper idiocy.

In light of this, we feel no obligation to to pamper you or you sensibilities - and we will viscerally attack anybody on any side who has it coming because we have nothing to lose by doing so, except for the flimsy support we have - to whom we owe absolutely nothing. Doing so might be the one thing that actually sparks some energy into this otherwise lame duck of a campaign.

Some caution us that we risk being perceived as similar to cybernats from the Scottish referendum - but this is typical of the sloppy two dimensional thinking we see all round. The critical difference is that we are not blood and soil nationalists. We are pragmatists with a solid case for leaving and an even more solid plan to achieve it.

Anyone who wants to criticise our methods from here on in must demonstrate that others have put in even a tenth of the effort we have - with the marginal resources we have. Who among you has a better idea? We can play the wreckers if we choose because we have built up over a decades worth of political capital and now is our time to spend it. Who else can say that?

Frankly I am a gnats hair away from telling all of you to fuck off and I wouldn't be surprised if RN gets there first. Nothing is worth the bullshit even our own readers have put us through. We've had plenty of former kippers come to us an apologise for how they treated us for attacking us during the election, having realised just how toxic and inept Ukip were. The same will happen after we lose this vote. But what use is that?

The reply then will not be gracious when some of you have the decency to admit that we have been right from the outset - that Ukip are a bunch of amateurs - and that the largely Tory eurosceptic aristocracy are bunch of self-serving, self-satisfied morons without even half a clue.

I can say with pride that our team of bloggers have not in any way let us down - and it is ultimately they who have kept us going, but even then, because of the ineptitude and selfishness of the main campaign in ignoring us entirely we have not been able to expand that team. That's not our fault. This is a referendum killed by selfishness, egotism, pride and incompetence. Also jealousy, self-interest and political cowardice.

And if this sounds like those "sour grapes", you're fucking right it is. We have every right to be angry at our own side, not least those allies whose support has been only fleeting and conditional - even when virtually every day we have our noses rubbed in the meme that Leave does not know what out looks like.

Our side has not been able to specify how we would reach a destination, what that destination is and why the ordinary voter should even bother. That is why we are going to lose and that is why we deserve to.

In this, knowing what I know, it has been difficult to invest any energy at all in The Leave Alliance website in that eurosceptics are only interested in promoting the things that conform to their own narrow and dismal worldview, ignoring any of the arguments that might actually win.

In this I am absolutely at the end of my tether. I have no more patience and I am not in the least bit inclined to listen to a solitary word of advice from any of the wastrels on our side who have barely lifted a finger to help us - especially those fair weather friends whose own work is an actual embarrassment to be associated with. I actually couldn't be any more disgusted.

As to where this leaves me, well I don't know. I do not feel inclined to put a nanosecond more effort into this knowing that our own side has already fucked the dog - and believes that marginal spikes in the polls are evidence that the campaign isn't a shower of brain-dead dullards with no clue.

We should be able to defend our own side from the attacks by the Remain camp but we can't because there is no possible way we could without contradicting everything we have said up to press. There is no way we can lie our way through the rest of the campaign to help these losers save face.

We always knew it would be an uphill battle but if I had known it was going to be such a catastrophic wipe-out I would have saved myself the bother. So here is what we are going to do. We are going to say whatever the fuck we feel like saying on any platform we so choose, in the manner in which we so chose - and if you don't like it, you can shove it up your arse for nothing and fuck off while you're doing it. How d'ya like them apples?

Saturday 19 March 2016

Vote Leave to get rid of these idiots

If I had to give out an award for issue illiteracy it would be to Chris Giles of the Financial Times. As bad as the FT is, he has taken Brexit bullshit to an artform. The constant thing about these dirges are that they are so predictable and so tedious ... all of them recycling the same limited set our sources, telling the same story in much the same way. Long before this is over, these people will have bored even themselves into a standstill.

What's clear to me is that if people are relying on the media with no prior knowledge of the issues they are not getting anything like a realistic or accurate picture. And it will be difficult for people to vote on the basis of which side is the least repellent because the Remain side is still a contender on that score even with Ukip on our side. Ukip may be thick as shit, but they genuinely believe the crap they spout whereas the Remain campaign are lying, know they are lying and everybody else knows it too.

Personally I find some of them so repellent I would not hesitate in using many of them for bayonet practice if I thought it would do any good. The big problem with political violence is if you take out an idiot, you martyr said idiot - and there is an inexhaustible supply of idiots to replace them. And if I was going to go that far I think I would start with the morons on my own side first. While there is no shortage of motivation, I would be apprehended long before the know was even close to complete.

But as much as Brexit bullshit is boring us all into oblivion, the media has succeeded in making it all about Tory infighting, where we have Mark Wallace of Conservative Home taking up comedy in the Guardian (see above). We know the Tufton Street losers are delusional but this has to be a laugh.

That it's actually too risible even for this blog to bother fisking it all tells you everything. It's a damp squib of a referendum if your only source of information is London. You get a better standard of debate down the pub than from our media.

But I think this ultimately why we need to leave the EU. Turnout is going to collapse after the referendum. We have all seen what a bunch of incompetent wastrels Ukip are who offer no real answers and present no real threat. Labour will only discover a surface level of unity to exploit Tory splits. There will be no coherent force in Westminster with any ideas and certainly nobody is offering any solutions. We may see a right wing equivalent of Corbynisation in the Tory party but after the referendum, what possible use is that?

The only vote that can possibly break this deadlock is to shake the whole system to the core. Only Brexit can do that. That will see the wasters and idiots cast aside as expertise once again comes back in demand and subsequently back in fashion. If we stay in the EU it can only get more toxic and more incoherent with the London hack-o-sphere disappearing further up its own arse (assuming that's even possible).

As much as the EU's economic stagnation is dangerous, the political decay is even more dangerous. If the entire electorate becomes convinced the Wesminster system is futile and incapable of changing, they will seek means of removing it. I will be among them.

Thursday 17 March 2016

Tory MPs are not serious about leaving the EU

Boris Johnson is more than likely Cameron's placeman. Johnson has no real track record of being a eurosceptic - and he comes from a europhile family and has written articles on why we should stay in. He's about as eurosceptic as Jean Claude Juncker. 

His announcement to join the Leave campaign was timed as a means of distracting the media from Cameron's bogus reforms. A clever, calculated piece of politicking that really understands just how debased our media is.

Also, Johnson knows full well Cameron will be replaced by a eurosceptic leader and so this is his ideal leadership bid. Boris Johnson's only concern is Boris Johnson. And of course, the Tories will only ever appoint a eurosceptic as leader when there is no real danger of leaving the EU. That is how they keep up the pretense that they are a eurosceptic party. This is the Tory elites way of retaining ownership of the party when their man is thrown out.

In reality, there are no Tory MPs actually serious about leaving the EU. If they were they would be tearing chunks out of Cameron for his utterly fraudulent reforms and his lies to parliament. Because they are yellow-bellies who put their tribe first over the future of the country, all we can expect is mealy mouth attacks and tribal sycophancy. Demolishing Cameron is key to winning - but Tories won't do that. Especially not Boris Johnson.

Tories have never been trustworthy on this and not in a billion years will I now vote for that party. As much as they are basically a snobby version of Ukip, with no greater policy insight, they are political cowards. That is inexcusable.

Saturday 12 March 2016

What we really want...

We leavers want democracy. We want a complete overhaul of our domestic institutions, from Whitehall down to the parish councils. We want real power back in the hands of the people. We want a complete reworking of our law making process, our agriculture, fishing, energy and trade policies. We want a more accountable and useful aid policy, we want a fairer immigration system, we want a reformed asylum system.

We want our courts to be places of real justice rather than the place where authority is rubber stamped and revenue is collected. On the whole we would rather not see our landscapes ruined by acres of solar panels, and our wildernesses spoiled by wind turbines.

On the whole we don't need all these every more oppressive rights that stifle the economy and reduce our employment prospects. In the main we are capable of securing decent enough terms and where we can't we should be organising and forming real unions and fighting for our rights rather than waiting for EU entitlements.

In the main, most of us are climate sceptics. It might be happening, it might not, but we do not trust the institutions who tell us it is real, we do not consent to all of their agenda and we want the means to say no to them. We don't trust their scaremongering any more than we trust the scaremongering of the remain camp.

None of us really dislikes foreigners as some suggest. A lot of us are just a bit uneasy with the pace of change because the brakes have been taken off and we never got a say in it. We all recognise that we benefit from globalisation but when do we get a say in it, and how do we say no to our government?

We are told that freedom of movement isn't that much of a big deal, and that's non EU immigration we need to fix - but when is that ever going to be fixed when it's human rights law that stands in the way of us closing the loopholes?

We don't really care all that much about roaming charges and so-called cheap flights. As it happens, a round trip to somewhere interesting in the EU is still going to cost £200 upwards. To your average worker with a family, that's a lot of money.

And if we are talking about more freedoms then we want more openness with other English speaking countries. And that's no great sin. Since we speak English and are not in the habit of learning other languages, we can't take advantage of free movement in the same way Europeans can.

If you're Bulgarian and you speak only Bulgarian only there's not much you can do, but if you learn English, you can go anywhere. If you're English and you learn Bulgarian, you can go to... Bulgaria. So why are Europeans free but Brits be caged by the confines of Europe? Sure there's nothing stopping us learning other languages but culturally, we just don't. That's a fact and that not going to change. If you were going to go to the trouble you'd learn a useful language, not French.

And that's not a little-englander thing, it's just a recognition that we're never going to be wholly European when culturally we have more in common with Canada, New Zealand and Australia. We have friend and family there yet we must go through the EU to get better access. Why is that a good deal for Brits? I want to go and work in Canada. I have no interest in even going to Bulgaria or Poland. If I go anywhere in Europe it will be to Norway to see fjords.

I don't hate Europe, I just don't care about it. I wasn't all that taken with Germany (and their food is weird), the bits of France I've seen are boring, Amsterdam is just York with more canals and drugs, Spain is full of all the sort of English people I try to avoid and though Italy looks amazing every single driver there has a deathwish.

The best place in Europe to my mind is Switzerland and that isn't in the EU. Geneva is an amazing place. The freshest air anywhere. But I don't want to live there, I don't want to work there. I'm not saying we should end freedom of movement, all I'm saying is that I don't really care about it either way.

And if by now you're thinking this is a kipperish whinge about the EU and foreigners in general, there's a bit of that, yes. Again, it's no great sin to prefer a bit of stability, normality, security and democracy. When kipperism steps over into naked racism and idiocy, it's then a problem but in the main, ordinary Brits don't see themselves as EU citizens and don't want to be. Nobody asked for the EU and if it didn't exist we wouldn't ask for it to be invented.

In this some of you may be thinking that leaving the EU doesn't fix all that, and maybe it doesn't, but it's start. We will always take regulation from global bodies but why shouldn't we have a right of refusal? Why shouldn't we have a little control? Why should we have to cave in to every single demand made of us? Why should our only line of defence be if enough foreign MEPs agree with our moronic MEPs?

Why shouldn't we have the democratic controls to refuse local planning applications for fracking, wind and solar? And if that means the boffins have to go away and think of something else then that is want they will have to do. And what if we don't want an EU wide register of cars and black boxes recording our journeys and transmitting the details to insurance companies? That's how it's going to go down isn't it? The money men and their lobbyists will see to that and parliament won't get a say.

And why shouldn't Britain's fishing industry have the best shot at fishing in British waters? Why should we have to wait years for the EU to make trade deals with countries we favour? Why shouldn't we protect some of our agriculture from competition? Everybody else does. Especially France even though they are supposedly in the single market. We Brits stick to the rules, so why is it one rule for us and another for France?

And though this set of complaints puts me in the minority and very much at the kipper end of the spectrum, just listen to the Remain camp. They say we will have wind turbines, we will adopt climate change measures, we will keep our borders open, we will close down our coal stations, we will lose industries we value and we will surrender every last scintilla of sovereignty. And why is that?

It's because they've decided that's what we should have and they want the EU because they know what we know. If we had democracy, if we had a choice, we might decide that Britain should go a different way to the liberal "progressive" orthodoxy that seems hell bent on committing national and cultural suicide.

They not like us, they do not respect us and they do not trust us. They have so little faith that they could win the arguments they use the EU to avoid having a debate at all. It never occurs to them that Brits might not be the shrivelled right wing ogres they believe us to be and when the choice is put before us we might actually decide that more open and more liberal really is better.

We will never know and we will never find out while we are in the EU. We will never have a choice. A vote to remain is a vote to carry on not having a voice, to leave the same people in power, to leave our institutions the same and to keep doing as we are told without any real recourse.

And so in the final analysis, they can bleat all they like about uncertainty and the complexities of Brexit, but I don't want their certainty. The certainty they offer means that nothing gets fixed, corporates always get their own way, parliament is shunted into the sidelines, nothing politically gets resolved and people become gradually more resentful as the world changes around them without having either a stake in it or even a voice. I would pay every tariff in the world to have just a little bit of democracy and I do not want Britain to be the prisoner in the gilded EU cage.

The bottom line is I want things to change. I want the possibilities of uncertainty and I want things to evolve. I want us to play a part in those changes and I want the people to decide what those changes are, not the EU Commission. I don't want to be represented by politicians. I want full referism and direct democracy.

I want people to be able to say no to government at every level. That can only mean more participation, fairer decision making and a more vital democracy. It's little wonder that young British people go off to join ISIS when our lives are so sanitised of any influence over events. We are all passengers without a destination, and nothing to bind us but for the fact we exist in the same space. That is all a corporate democracy-free EU utopia can offer us.

In this, it's not surprising record numbers of British men are committing suicide. Spiritual boredom I imagine. As my friend puts it we are "derided and emasculated - and the rights that went with our responsibilities have been stripped away, and our achievements derided as the products of undue privilege". - Underpinning that is the "equality" and human rights culture that have ultimately produced the entitlement society - one that sees mass welfare dependency and teenage girls abused on mass.

We're now quite used to the notion that if you call the police they won't come - and if they do they won't act. They won't investigate anything. They will give you a crime number and refer you to the machine. We know if we need to go to court for any administrative reason our side of the story will not be heard or factored into the decision making.

We know in the end that they will chip away at everything we have built since the war than makes life just that little less harsh. It's all becoming mechanised and impersonal and when you need a real answer from a real person the system says "talk to the hand".

And is it because the evil Tories are in charge? Can't be, can it?, because we had Blair doing this to us for over a decade. And do you think Corbyn would be any less a puppet of the system? He's already come out for the EU when his track record shows he thinks differently. And can we blame all of it on the EU? No. But it is the one constant through as we have seen most of what we value eroded. Slice by slice another one of our hard won rights is eroded in practice yet in theory there has never been a time when we have had more legal rights.

Ultimately systems of governance are becoming more harmonised with the global standards because of hyper globalisation - and that is what is forcing the EU's hand in regulations, and the EU is the reason we can't say no. For sure we want progress and more freedoms, but not at the expense of every safety net and every protection.

While leaving the EU is only part of the solution it really is time for us to draw a line in the sand. Not everything comes down to the price of goods and convenience of trade. This is as much about who and what we are - and having a voice in how we are governed. The Remain campaign doesn't like what we are, despises our traditions, dislikes our culture and it definitely doesn't want us to have a say. That is why I am voting to leave - whatever it costs. If there are consequences, then so be it. We'll live with them.

Tuesday 8 March 2016

Westminster has a cancer.

The Jess Phillips creature, arbitrarily reading out names of murdered women in parliament is primarily why I want to leave the EU. A functioning parliament ought not to have the time or the patience to indulge silly, juvenile gesture politicking of this nature - and as an institution it should have the self confidence, gravitas and seriousness to slap it down for what it is: self indulgent, narcissistic virtue signalling.

That we give any of these UN fad days a nanosecond of our time is symptomatic of how debased politics has become and how Westminster as an institution has been utterly, and quite deliberately, hollowed out.

These gestures have the emotional maturity of a hormonal teenager. What sickens me even more is that there are people who would actually go as far as saying this was admirable behaviour. It ought to be contemptible by reflex. We have lost this instinct for democracy and lost touch with what MPs are even for - and as dismal and crass as parliament is now, I fear that it does actually adequately represent what we are as a society.

And if you don't see the EU connection, you really should - because this is what displacement activity looks like. A parliament that was concerned with its own aid, trade, energy and agriculture policy would not have the time to be discussing the contents of children's lunchboxes in a Hartlepool primary school or resorting to behaviour as crass as Jess Phillips. If we still had the instinct for politics, vacuous creatures like these would never even reach selection.

It was always the EU's intent to neuter and hollow out national institutions and this is what it looks like. Jess Phillips and Boris fucking Johnson. And no, there is no argument or excuse. These people are idiotic, parasitic and they are scum. A public that cannot recognise this is equally lost in the morass.

And that is why I maintain that Brexit is not the silver bullet. There is so much damage to undo and damage on this scale will take decades to repair if we want anything approaching an adult government. Leaving the EU is only the statement of intent. But since we are now collectively too bovine to understand what democracy is and why we need it, these losers will likely be the shape of politics to come until nothing functions at all. Idiocracy is now. I just hope I live long enough to see them used for bayonet practice.