Tuesday 10 March 2015

Lord spare us

Chuckle of the day was thanks to Tom Papworth of the Adam Smith Institute, author of The Green Noose, asserting in all seriousness that green belts were stifling cities outside London. This was on the radio as I was sat in traffic on the A38 passing Filton airfield which was closed some years ago for housing. Across the road is the old Rolls Royce aero engine factory site which was demolished more than seven years go. The number of houses built on these sites remains not in excess of zero.

One also has to warm to the delicious innocence that building on the London green belt will have any impact on demand or affordability in London. These are the people our media holds aloft as people we should take seriously. And today The Guardian thinks we need Owen Jones's opinion on the fight against ISIS. If you wanted to know why I'm such a cantankerous bastard... this is why.

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