Thursday 25 May 2017

If you must vote, don't vote Tory.

A lot of people get on my case because I go on about Tories like a leftist would. It's true that I hate them with a similar passion but for entirely different reasons. The thing is, I know that party well. I've been closer to the beast than most. I once shared an office with a regional chairman. I've had my introduction to the Westminster life. I know who the people are and I know who is pulling the strings.

Firstly you have to get over the idea that there is a Tory party as such. It's just a brand that can be co-opted by the various power-bases within it. Just like Labour. Ownership of the party can be captured by the various cliques within it. The Cameroons and their Bullingdon club sect managed to capture it quite successfully for the same reasons the Momentum loons could capture the Labour party. It was weak, lacking leadership and without a moral base.

Shifts in parties are effectively micro-revolutions and these shifts actually matter more than elections. Elections just rubber stamp the change of management. As to who wins elections, it really comes down to which clan has a motivated powerbase. The exception is this election where you have caretaker May up against the Corbyn cult - who just happen to be so awful that they repel most decent people. In any other times, the May team would be viewed as inept as the Howard leadership. Not exactly a star line-up is it?

But within the umbrella of the Conservative party there are various sects. One of those influential sects is the hard right of the party, marginalised for years but now more influential than in previous years. That is not to say they are in power, since they are still on the outer- fringes but they do have a direct line to the cabinet for the first time in two decades. These are some of the very worst people presently in politics.

One particular example is Rees-mogg, who, like Johnson, has certain upper class affectations that people mistake for intellect. What you find in practice is they don't know the subject matter, they are winging it and rely on their foolish supporters to make excuses for them. Then you have the likes of Steve Baker using his position as MP to open to door so crony investment funds can get their nose in the trough.

I have spoken before of these such people and how they are all on the teat of a handful of old money Tory donors - and they are the ones who buy conformity. The high society parties and think tank shindigs are all part of the Westminster social scene, a sordid circle jerk encompassing MPs, their apparatchiks and sections of the media. People who thrive on gossip and bullying. Worse still, there is always a parachute for them when they're voted out. I note a number of Tory MEPs are now on the ticket to become MPs now that we are leaving the EU. Vicky Ford being one of them - she who railed about oven gloves having to meet heat resistance standards.

In more basic terms, you've all laughed at the absurdity of Ukip and their batshit policies, but the Tories are effectively the same thing but with better connections to old money and posh accents.

In this there is an element of "class war" - not in the classic left wing sense because that is very often the politics of envy. What this is though is a near untouchable class of people who feel entitled to rule and have the connections to make sure that they do. This is our political class.

I would like to be able to say that Labour fares better but they just have different avenues and a different strand of hypocrisy, and we should loathe them in equal measure, but when it comes to Tories, there is a certain unparalleled arrogance, which is ordinarily quite grotesque, but when it comes to Brexit, there is a very real danger they will flush the entire UK economy down the toilet and never take responsibility for it. They are a fucking menace. They are intellectual and moral cowards - and some of the most toxic, snobbish, vile people I have ever set eyes upon.

You will get no argument from me that Corbyn isn't fit to govern, but that does not  make the Tories competent by default. Far from it. My message this election is that if you must vote, don't vote Tory.