Friday 27 February 2015

Ukip spring conference

From the Mirror we get this today: "The party had vowed to publish its programme for Government at this weekend’s party conference in Margate in Kent. But the party’s Deputy Chairman Suzanne Evans, who is responsible for writing the manifesto, could not produce it today."
When Ms Evans took over producing the document in January, she said: “I relish the task of putting together the final details and presenting a sensible, radical and fully costed manifesto at our spring conference in Margate.”

But the manifesto is still not ready, undermining Ukip hopes of using the conference as a spring board for the election campaign.
I am Pete North's complete lack of surprise. A couple of months back, I might have written an elaborate post on yet another predicable (and predicted) failure, but I notice Kippers have gone awfully quiet, here and on Twitter - which is really no bad thing.

I certainly wasn't holding my breath for it. We have seen the character of Ukip, we have seen what they think constitutes policy and we have seen what they are made of. It's not even worth the bother. At this stage of the game, going into a general election and failing to produce a manifesto at their spring conference tells you all you need to know. Not fit to run a whelk stall. And if I can't be bothered to attack Ukip anymore, that really tells you something.

If ever there is a film made about Ukip it will be called Carry On Losing.

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