Monday 16 February 2015

Something doesn't add up

A story in the Coventry Telegraph has it that a total fruitloop (and evidently a homophobe) has been parachuted into Coventry.
UKIP are set to parachute controversial ‘pop preacher’ George Hargreaves into Coventry as their parliamentary candidate for the Coventry South seat. The Telegraph has learned that original candidate Mark Taylor, who had been democratically selected by the local membership over a year ago, has moved aside after he was asked to step down by party bosses. It is understood UKIP want to introduce Rev Hargreaves to contest the seat which had the smallest majority in Coventry at the 2010 general election as Labour’s Jim Cunningham won by 3,854.
Suzanne Evans flatly denies this, but Mark Taylor confirms he has stood down at the request of the party, but neither actually specify who is to stand in Coventry. Clearly they had somebody in mind if Taylor was asked to stand aside this late in the game. Why so coy in saying who?

From this angle it very much does look like George Hargreaves was selected and somebody in the Ukip high command thought it was a good idea - and have now been forced to make an urgent u-turn. It has the right ring of incompetence to it. It's all rather a shame really. I can think of no better person to represent Ukip. He is certainly cut from the same cloth.

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