Friday 6 February 2015

Ukip: hearing only what they want to hear

As expected, Rotherham has turned into a nasty party political slanging match, with Ukip leading the way in parading their willful ignorance - with more than a touch of racism. They're not even trying to hide it anymore.

In Ukip world, they have their answer. It's all about "muzzer pedo gangs" and political correctness - and no other viewpoint will be tolerated or even entertained. Suggest that political correctness is a proximate cause and suddenly, you are de-facto a Labour supporting "pedo-enabler". This is the Ukip mentality.

These are the same people who infest the comments of The Commentator and Breitbart, mutually up-ticking each others racist bilge - and whenever you see similarly low grade tweets of this nature, you're never very far from a Ukipist. It's the same song we heard from Nick Griffin in 2008.

Knowing that this kind of dog-whistle politics rallies the herd, Farage has sought to capitalise on Rotherham by wheeling out his tired multiculturalism mantras once more. Clearly nobody in Ukip is interested in the truth, or the somewhat more pedestrian reasons behind the institutional failures in Rotherham. The Political Correctness angle allows them to point the finger at Muslims and the Labour party - (now all uniformly peadophiles). The detail is of no interest to them and the real lessons are lost.

But this is Ukip all over. Their slovenly approach has no depth, no understanding, no discipline and no desire to understand either. You can argue the toss whether they are racist or not, but you can't get round the fact they are nasty, pig-ignorant, closed-minded losers. It is an ugly party, for ugly, shriveled, repellent people who simply can't cope with complexity - which is why they are perpetually outraged. They are deaf to reason. They are a disease.

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