Sunday 8 February 2015

Mouthfoaming bilge from The Commentator

Ah dear. Another mouth foamer in The Commentator. "The BBC and Islam: Let the children be raped". Yes. That's REALLY what the BBC is saying isn't it? But wait, no, the BBC asks "To what extent do you think part of the problem is what you might call ‘rotten boroughs’"

A perfectly reasonable, inquisitive question about a factor that mostly likely is involved. But Vincent Cooper doesn't think so. It's a left wing plot to ask questions about a multi-faceted problem. "An objective reading of Louise Casey’s report does not allow for any ambiguity." says Cooper. Well, actually, the report does paint a broad picture, pointing out a tapestry of interconnected failures. Has Cooper even read the report or just skimmed it for the bits that suit his preconceptions? I'd guess the latter, because to him and his mouth-breathing ilk, it's all about "muzzer pedo gangs" and "Labour pedo supporters". That's the subtext to this piece - there's no nuance, no complexity - just simple tribal narratives you don't have to think about.

As much as this article is intellectually lazy, paranoid and wrong, it's not difficult to see why Kippers can't shake off the racism label, because nothing I'm seeing out of the Kippersphere this week varies in tone or content from the BNP circa 2008. Not least because this is nothing to do with Islam.

Meanwhile, ‘reparation’, drug and alcohol counselling, art psychotherapy and victim awareness sessions” are part of a much broader policy of dealing with difficult problems, where young girls do need professional treatment and awareness tutoring. Many of these girls don't even see themselves as abused until it's explained to them. But that's all lefty-liberal blame-the-victim stuff in the eyes of Commentator mouth-foamers. I can't say for sure if Cooper is a bigot, but he's certainly a pig-ignorant reactionary halfwit.

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