Wednesday 27 August 2014

Where does the Telegraph find these clowns?

The stupidity of Con Coughlin and Dan Hodges has been surpassed by a country mile, just when you thought The Telegraph could not be any more pathetic.
Egypt and the UAE are two of America’s closest allies in the Middle East. Their military ties with Washington are particularly close, not least because most of their advanced warplanes are supplied by the US. In the past, I think it would have been inconceivable for either Egypt or the UAE to launch air strikes in another country without, at the very least, consulting or warning America beforehand.

In respect of the Libya raids, however, the US says that it had no prior knowledge. Only after the attacks had taken place did America work out who was behind them. This new willingness on the part of Egypt and the UAE to act independently is another sign of the retreat of US power in the region.
Does it ever occur to the Telegraph's Chief Foreign Correspondent (and former diplomatic editor) that the Septics know exactly what happened, exactly which aircraft were in NATO monitored airspace, and exactly which country is responsible, having gone to the enormous expense of gaining absolute air supremacy - and they're just not all that keen to tell morons like David Blair during a pivotal moment in the settlement of a post-revolution Libya? No. I expect not. But who am I to question the great wisdom of the Telegraph's Chief Foreign Correspondent?

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