Friday 30 January 2015

Ukip: basically... morons

486 pages of drivel

Ukip has released "100 reasons to vote Ukip" in which it says...

"55. Scrapping the arbitrary 50% target for university attendance"

Now you'll all remember that 2010 manifesto Nigel Farage disowned. He said "I didn't read it. It was drivel. It was 486 pages of drivel ... It was a nonsense. We have put that behind us and moved onto a professional footing." 

But in that manifesto it states:

"Scrap 50% target for young people going to university. Allow universities to choose on academic merit alone and change some back to skills and vocational college."

And on closer inspection, it turns out there was never any legally binding target or anything written in stone. It was merely a Blair aspiration. The 50 per cent target appeared in Labour's 2001 manifesto but by 2004 had been downgraded to progress 'towards' that mark by 2010.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Business Skills and Innovation in 2010 said: "The economy needs more - not less - highly skilled young people. "We have never suggested that 50% of the population should go directly from school to a conventional 3 year degree. Many of these people will already be in the workforce, which is why in Higher Ambitions we set out the need for more flexible modes of study."

I don't know if it could be spelled out any clearer that Ukip are total amateurs. Putting it diplomatically, they are lazy, stupid, pig-ignorant, policy illiterate morons who couldn't organise an orgy in a whorehouse.

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