Tuesday 20 January 2015

Another day, another blunder

If they weren't such obnoxious shits, one might be inclined to feel sorry for Ukipists. Having had Louise "bossy knickers" Bours plant the red flag over NHS policy, putting it to the left of Mussolini, the poor darlings had to work overtime to paper over the cracks as the Guardian unearthed a video of Farage categorically saying the NHS would have to in some way go private. Now that the dust has settled, they again have to put in the extra hours to explain away Farage's latest offerings, essentially saying essentially that Ukip is not firmly committed to the NHS after all, but it suits for this election.

This is nothing we didn't know, and sure, it's always up for debate, but it's hardly the most astute move from a leader this close to an election (traditionally when one sets out ones stall on a confirmed set of policies and principles), just when we see a renewed faith in the national religion - as top of the bill in voter concerns.

Even if Ukip could produce a credible manifesto, you would still have Farage bouncing around from pillar to post mouthing whichever platitude floated to the surface. One wonders if he'll even bother to read it. But that's what you get when you put a drunken lazy yob in charge.

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