Monday 12 January 2015

Mistaking amateurism for bias

No. Just no. The BBC isn't blaming Jews for anything. Nick Cohen is a dullard.

Understand this. These BBC people call themselves journalists but are in fact presenters whose primary function is to fill airtime. I often refer to BBC presenters as the "girlies of both sexes" as in effeminate airhead know-nothings whose primary skill is reading from a teleprompter. The mistake is for them to believe that they are in fact journalists and the producers mistake is to allow these presenters to leave the studio and think for themselves. Never send a television media girlie to do the job of a journalist. 

This is what you get for unnecessarily hollowing out and dumbing down media into a 24 hour rolling news cycle, and that's why what used to be a war correspondent, who would be resident to the region, embedded, and intimately acquainted with the issues, is now one of these selfsame girlies who could be better described as a grief tourist.

This is not BBC bias, this is just what media is now: crass. BBC bias is not generally deliberate. It is often bias by omission, not by intent, but through the profound ignorance of a media mainly produced by individuals who have studied media - and very little else.

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