Friday 16 January 2015


"BBC Staff Told to Hide Badges in Public After Broadcasting Mohammed Cartoons" squeals Guido with much outrage and hyperventilation from the groupuscules. "MediaGuido understands staff have been sent an email warning them to hide their BBC badges when out in public for fear they could be targeted in terrorist reprisals" we are told.

Overlooking the comedic pretentiousness, "MediaGuido" evidently doesn't understand that any corporate has an ethical and lawful obligation to inform its staff of any potential threats and liabilities however small and take precautions, in this case for an army of technicians, producers, managers, non-jobbers, accountants and whatever - all over the country. Course the fact they have sent such an email is PROOF that Jihad is on the prowl everywhere.

Lord spare me from these complete dickheads.

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