Tuesday 27 January 2015

The Greens: the UKIP of the left

Greenies complaining that poor Natalie Bennet was set up to fall on a Andrew Neil programme. One can only ask, whose fault is that? Here you have a thick as pigshit bint, who, like Ukip, knows sod all about policy and governance, isn't interested in policy and governance, and doesn't even know her own party policy - confronted for the first time by someone who will actually challenge the, putting it politely, "intellectual inconsistency" of her product. 

This, added to the fact there are bins full of festering sanitary towels in the ladies loo with more innate magnetism and charisma, makes for an inevitable train-wreck. Pure television gold - especially if you're a Ukipist because finally someone looks even more cretinous than you do. But this is only to be expected from either party.

We're not dealing with real political parties or movements here. We're talking about the loser fringes forming rival gangs behind leaders. There's no intellectual capital behind it, no coherent big idea, no organisation or political soul - just people who think they have some god given right to be listened to just because their sizeable clans of losers peak over a certain decibel level.

Natalie Bennet is one of those. It's one thing to go wobbly when put on the spot, but a party leader shouldn't be on the spot. A leader knows the lines of attack, knows the answers, knows the policy, is well briefed, well rehearsed and in command of their subject. It's basic preparation. Something Caroline Lucas was fairly good at.

But Bennet is clearly intellectually out of her depth (a prerequisite for even being a Green party member), doesn't understand policy and how policy interrelates - and like all socialists is blissfully unaware there is no such thing as the Easter Bunny or magic money trees. It takes a certain skill, but I do believe she has out-clowned Ukip. 

Farage on the other hand, is an entirely different animal and must be measured by a different yardstick. He doesn't have the normal obstacles and barriers faced by the average person. He's a classic sociopath - dictatorial, high functioning alcoholic, nocturnal, with the inherent charisma that comes with it. It's how he has cultivated a personality cult. He doesn't need to be well briefed in policy, not least because Ukip doesn't have any policy, and his devotees will defend whatever he says, so is accountable to nobody but himself. This allows him to conveniently contradict himself because he's hugely creative with excuses. If he paid any attention to detail and had an attention span, he'd have made a seriously good lawyer.

But in both cases, you're dealing with rank amateurs representing dustbin protest movements who have no real aptitude or instinct for politics or policy. The real business of governance is full of compromises, takes ages and is mind-blowingly complex, often producing results nobody is happy with but represent the best of what can be achieved with the means available.

These people are children throwing a tantrum, who expect everything done now, done by somebody else, done well, and done for free, without sacrifice or compromise. They simply don't have the mental architecture to apply themselves to adult politics which requires maintaining a dialogue with people you fundamentally disagree with, hence why they resemble playground gangs and not political parties.

What they see as "simple common sense" is what policy makers call idle stupidity. And because mainstream adult politics is scornful of kneejerk and stupid inputs by these losers, the loser parties then cry "elitism of the establishment". These clowns actually think they know better then the armies of technicians, civil servants, policy authors, diplomats and very skilled people who produce articles of difficult regulation. And why? Because they feed themselves on a daily diet of EU bent banana stories and "metric dildos causing cancer" headlines.

It's true that when the bureaucrats get it wrong, they get it very wrong, but that is less to do with the people behind the decisions as the structures in which they are formed and the mechanisms for coping with anomalous circumstances. That is where you would need a thorough examination of oversight, structures of governance and the means of accountability.  ie Hard work.

In many respects, government is like a high spec laptop. Out of the factory it works fine, does what you want it to do but as it matures and the operating system becomes cluttered with registry entries and conflicting priorities, the best thing you can do is reset it to the factory default. Both the greens and Ukip would wipe the machine without first taking a backup, having made no decision on what operating system to replace it with, retaining none of the knowledge that necessitated the laptop in the first place.

These loser fringes are all very entertaining, and while frustration makes their nihilism attractive on occasion, we must keep in mind that this is the whining of petulant children and like petulant children, should not be afforded the attention they desperately seek. For all those tempted to vote Ukip, remember why Ukip was created. To get us out of the EU. Well here we are coming up to an election, there's a referendum on the table, so we have to take it and thank Ukip for helping us get this far. They have served their purpose, now they are in the way.

There are those who say any referendum will be a fudge and will be unfairly rigged, but that's just the reality. No EU referendum was ever going to be a fair fight, not now, not in the future, so if not now, then when? Rather than trying to salvage an irredeemably damaged cult, it's time to grow up and get ready for the fight to the death. Playtime is over.    

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