Saturday 3 January 2015

A baby step in the right direction

According to the Telegraph "Controversial six figure “golden goodbyes” for public sector workers will be banned if the Conservatives win the general election in four months’ time.The commitment, which will be in the party’s General Election manifesto in May, will cap pay-offs at £95,000 each in the National Health Service, the civil service, council staff and even the BBC."

This is a matter I have campaigned on for some years now. The revolving door CEOcracy within our public services is one well documented. It is a cancer in local government that erodes trust in government and undermines democracy. Curbing these excesses needs to be done as a matter of public safety. It's only a matter of time before one of these scum-sucking bottom-feeders ends up with a device attached to their car ignition switch. One is only surprised it has not happened sooner.

That said, this measure does not get to the root of the problem. Questions must be asked as to how the public sector manages to blunder into these contracts in the first place. That requires a much broader examination of government structures and an examination of how it came to be that supposedly local councils became corporate scale entities which necessitate a CEOcracy in the first place.

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