Monday 24 November 2014

Thank Ukip

Patrick O'Flynn of Ukip tweets "Cons now broken key pledges on all top 3 issues: getting rid of deficit, no top down NHS shake-up and net migration to tens of thousands."

He tweets that on this day in politics - which is all about the European Union. So here we have Ukip of all people not even in the game, when Twitter is alight with Brexit talk. Even the prominent Ukipists have been quiet today. Ukip have set about being a main political party and have all but abandoned any real focus on the EU. 

This is a good thing. Since most Ukip bletherers have no idea what they're talking about when it comes to Brexit, and have no policy on it, all we are likely to get from them is more embarrassing gaffes that hurt the cause.

The media trap was set for Ukip to paint themselves into a corner, and Ukip obligingly walked into it, and the recent outburst by Reckless makes it even harder to dig themselves out of the anti-immigration hole. If Ukip had a PR problem before, they have a really big one now. They can't say they weren't warned, but that's all water under the bridge.

If the silence from Ukip is a deliberate tactical ploy, it is the first sign of any strategic acumen from that  party. It can only mean they have finally understood how damaging Ukip is to the Brexit cause, and having poisoned the well, it's something they are best distancing themselves from if they want to achieve one of their main objectives.

The case for Brexit must be made by reasonable, rational people with good arguments and a positive vision. Ukip certainly doesn't fit the bill on that score, so I would like to offer my thanks to Ukip for staying out of the picture, and I encourage them to remain quiet so the grown-ups can get on with getting us out of the EU, without having to continually distance themselves from Ukip's clueless, xenophobic ranters. Keep up the good work Ukip.

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