Sunday 16 November 2014

A stupid party for stupid people

Ukip are a populist party who will latch on to any stupid "policy" going if they can grub a few more votes out of it. In particular...

– All entitlements will be extended to servicemen recruited from overseas.

This is, frankly, pig ignorant. The whole point of separate arrangements is to encourage serving soldiers to return to their nation of origin, with a service pension as a means of international development. There are clear developmental advantages to remittances, but a retired officer class is an export of an administrative class that can help build good governance - and is a means of exporting our values.

This is precisely what the Gurkhas were for, and extending entitlements to all means we now have to allow them residence along their families as well. Not very sensible for a party that wants to control immigration.

Today from the Daily Mail, incidentally the paper who couldn't have been more supportive of Joanna "thicko" Lumley, now reports that rather than living productive lives back home, former Gurkhas are living a pointless existence, frequenting the betting shops of Aldershot. Read the whole thing.

Ukip think this is a good idea because Ukip has done precisely zero thinking on this or any other subject. As we continue to remind people, Ukip is not interested in policy, it doesn't do thinking and is not in any way a serious party. It is a party for the gullible, the lazy and the stupid. And this is their level of thinking.

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