Monday 3 November 2014

Morons of Ukip #1

Listening to more Ukip drivel about the NHS. There was a time when most kippers would have been unequivocal about the necessity for greater private sector involvement in the NHS. In fact, the general view used to be that any system is bound to suck if the state is both the financier and supplier. Yet the "policy" now espoused by Ukip is that it should remain a socialist behemoth and that it would be so much better if only they were allowed to make a few tweaks to it, make the parking free and sack a lot of managers.

The immediate problem here is that good systems need effective management. No army has ever existed where the ratio of front line soldiers exceeded that of support staff and the same is and always will be true of health. We hear a lot about non-jobs and undoubtedly there are, but clearing these out requires a level of expertise and a detailed analysis, and I do not expect for a moment that Louise Bours has done anything like that, or has anything close to the mental architecture to do so.

Similarly, the garbage about free parking is so far out of touch with reality it's unreal. Free parking at a busy hospital pretty much ensures that those visiting a patient never find a spot because drivers are, as a rule, completely selfish, self-entitled, lazy bastards.

What we have in Ukip's health policy might as well have been written by a member of the SWP, reciting mantras such as "envy of the world" - and so terrified of straying from the cult-like adulation of the NHS that they have gone into establishment mode of promising the moon on a stick (unless you're a foreigner), and all that foreign aid money will make for a healthcare utopia.

I think New Labour proved to destruction the notion that pissing more money up the wall does not equate with better outcomes. What you're seeing here is populism, cynicism and stupidity all in one big bundle. If you think Ukip represents anything even remotely different to the establishment, then you really were born yesterday. And from tonight's exchange on Twitter, we can really see the Cult of Farage in action...

Ukipist: Ukip is the only party that will put competition in the NHS.

Me: That's not what your health spokeswoman said at the conference recently.

Ukipist: We havent got our manifesto yet. But Farage has been clear no ring fencing of NHS.

Me: So why did Louise Bours MEP say the exact opposite of that and why is Paul Nuttall retweeting it? Kiptards really should read their own policies.

Ukipist: I have

Me: So why are you directly contradicting your own policy spokeswoman?

Ukipist: I am not, my views are in line with our ethos, and Nigels statements. Things may change.

Me: So your policies are on a manifesto not yet written and whatever Nige says.

Ukipist: Well, we have stated in the past that we would provide vouchers so people can go private.

Me: Louise Bours recently said "...a two tier NHS where those with money can opt to pay for enhanced services will never be acceptable."

Ukipist: Wait til the manifesto comes out.

Me: You're telling us you support a party without knowing what its policies are.

Ukipist: You are a propoganda monkey.


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