Saturday 30 May 2015

Ukip: the enemy within

I've made the point more than a few times. Ukip is toxic. Not only that, Ukippers are uniformly so bigoted, self involved and myopic that there s no reasoning with any of them. They are poisonous people, proud of their ignorance and beyond any reason. Every single conversation I have with a Ukipper ends up with them calling me a paid shill for the EU, questioning which side I am on for pointing out that we should be mindful of the parameters in which we must fight a Brexit campaign.

Through their fog of incomprehension all they do is lash out.

Nobody has tried harder than me to reason with kippers. I have patiently taken them through step by step of what needs to be done to win, and I just can't get through the programming. They won't even read the carefully prepared material we have gone to great effort to compile and distribute at immense financial and personal cost.

To be frank, Ukippers are as bad, if not worse than EU federalists and if I thought for a moment their vision of Britain would win out then I would vote to stay in.

They are not allies, they are obstacles - and every minute spent trying to educate a Ukipper is a wasted time. Behind the scenes I've been working with others to build up a social media campaign but have arrived at the conclusion that no Ukipper is an ally, can't be part of it, and the less we have to do with them the better, They are a lost cause, a folorn hope, more interested in their dismal cult than actually winning.

If my fellow campaigners think this is an unreasonable view, and that my outright hostility to Ukip is something they cannot work with then count me out completely. I'm done with these morons, they are all yours.

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