Wednesday 6 May 2015

The last thing I want to do is vote

If I think back to 2005 I was one of the right wing who hit the roof when Cameron became Tory leader. We needed a slash and burn tory and what we got was a husky hugging damp squib. A PR spiv with no convictions. For all the hyperventilation of the left we haven't seen nearly the sort of cuts we need to bring the country back on track. Council budgets are about as big as they were in 2005 and government at all levels is pissing money away it doesn't have.

On the EU you can't crowbar anything more than a mealy mouthed CCHQ soundbyte and the up an coming Tory candidates are about as thick as Ukip but with posher accents. A lot of them are vacuous young girlies (of both sexes). There's a even a couple of bonehead libertarians whose entire political education consists of Ron Paul Twitter memes. Frankly, I wouldn't give these bozos the steam off my turds. My own local Tory is the worst kind of worm who has never voted against the government. The one Tory I actually agree with is politically inept and sounds like he's the child of married first cousins. I wouldn't want any of these people representing me in a parking ticket appeal let alone parliament.

The Tories have more or less continued fucking up public finances is about the same way anyone on the left would, the armed forces haven't been in worse shape for decades and as for the police, the Tories have continued Labour's amalgamation of forces, all but abolishing neighbourhood policing. It's unfair to say the Tories fucked up the NHS. It is fucked up by its very nature and nothing did more to ruin it that Labour's PFI and GP contacts. But the Tories have had five years to do something about it. Cameron should have done to GP's what Thatcher did to the miners.

The only area where there has been obvious improvement is in welfare where perversely maladministration has had a better effect on jobs than any deliberate policy. The bedroom tax has been a huge success for all the wrong reasons. Iain Duncan Smith is not fit to run a whelk stall. The EU and the Agency Workers Directive can take the credit for zero hours contracts but the Tories have done little to shift the burden away from the taxpayer by promoting a living wage which we instead subsidise through in work benefits. Meanwhile precisely nothing has been done to kick councils in the crotch and council tax is still the number one reason for bailiff visits and councils are sending summons in the tens of thousands.

In broader taxation terms, if you do the math, most of us still pay about half of all our income to the state, continuing that great British tradition of robbing us blind and the Tories have the audacity to call themselves the party of low tax. You seriously wouldn't let these jerk-offs run a bath. In fact, I think you will be hard pressed to find anyone who hates Tories more than I do and I would STILL rather have this lot than Ed Miliband as Prime Minister. I wouldn't trust Plaid, SNP or the Greens with the TV remote either. As to Ukip, I'm a eurosceptic right winger and even I think Ukip are scum. What does that tell you?

The only reason I'm voting is because I want an EU referendum which only the Tories will give us. It's the one opportunity to rid ourselves of the one institution that fucks our economy even more than our own bozos. But just because I'm voting Conservative doesn't mean these arseholes aren't getting both barrels from me after the election. Representative democracy is not democracy and every single MP and lord deserves our contempt. They do not and cannot speak for me.

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