Saturday 16 May 2015

They deserve our contempt

The boss is not impressed. We have nothing but genuine contempt for the London politio crowd. Political campaigns are merely an adjunct to their insular social lives where they gather to congratulate themselves and cosy up for a nice little campaign sinecure where they afford themselves grandiose titles for effectively running a Twitter account and retweeting the Telegraph; the newspaper that did nothing but hyperventilate about the rise of Ukip for an entire year when us bloggers were saying it was bullshit back in March last year. 

I'm not surprised Crosby singles out Montgomerie and the Tory circle-jerk. These people are serious wankers - with a passive aggressive air of superiority where us plebs are supposed to be deferential to these bozos. Calling them out for being stupid and wrong is apparently bad manners and not the done thing. Well, next time I am in London, I will give them a new definition of bad manners. 

Looking at Twitter today, all the wankers running democratic reform groups in London seem to be only concerned with improving the illusion of democracy. Put Harrogate Agenda in front of them, giving real power to people to run their own affairs, and they shit a brick. We can't possibly have the plebs voting on things that affect them. These bozos would be out of work for starters.

They are described as the Westminster bubble elite. They are in Westminster, they do live in a bubble, but there is nothing elite about them.

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