Saturday 16 May 2015

Politics is dead. And that's a good thing.

Liz Kendall warns that Labour could be out of power forever. Looking at the absolute cretins up for the Labour leadership so far, I'd say Labour are going to be out of power for at least a decade. These dolts make Ed Miliband look like an absolute titan. But I've seen quite a lot of people asking what Labour is actually for. The Tories are a middle of the road party with no radical ideas to speak of, tax and spend too much, and are only tempered by the realities of the moment, as Labour would have to do had Miliband won. So actually, what do we need them for?  

The only thing they can actually do in their narrow frame of perception is either to become as anodyne as the Tories or go back to bloating the public sector and enslaving people on welfare. It actually says a lot about Labour that characters as risible as Liz Kendall and Chuka Umunna would see themselves fit to lead. 

As much as the metro left hate the idea, it's really Ukip speaking for the working class right now. If it wasn't a cult lead by an increasingly Gallowayesque figure who couldn't run a bath, Labour would have cause to worry about Ukip being the new party of the working class. If there were any danger of that I think I would actually go full Tory. The thought of those contemptible mouth-breathing dolts getting anywhere near the levers of power is absolutely terrifying. I'll take managed decline over national suicide any day of the week.

In reality, this whole system has run its course because the really big questions have mostly been answered. The statist ideas of the left are bankrupt and obsolete, and now politics is merely the process of regulating the worst excesses of strategic markets, most politics is redundant, nevermind the Labour party. But unable to give up their grasp on power and the well paid job in the Westminster bubble, they won't surrender to that reality and will instead look for more ways to stick their noses into the minutia of out lives just to give themselves something to do.

The truth is, we don't need full time MP's - and what we really need is a mechanism for self-government (The Harrogate Agenda) so we can send these dorks their P45's.

Westminster should be a chamber of discussing national emergencies, like a war council, and one that remains closed for most of the year. Let the cities and towns run their own affairs. That way, the inbreds in Ukip can't complain about the political establishment because there won't be one. With direct democracy they will own their own stupid decisions and will have nobody to blame but themselves. As to Liz Kendall, Labour should totally elect her. We're paying for this shit. We might as well get some entertainment out of it. Just look at her.

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