Monday 26 May 2014

The Farage Mirage

In 2009, what Ukip calls the "LibLabCon" won 57.1% of the vote. This time... 56.21%  So it's pretty much business as usual for the establishment. The anti-EU vote is not eating into the establishment mandate. All it has done is cannibalise the BNP vote. By what measure this constitutes a political earthquake I really don't know. 

But this fact will escape our brain-dead media and will not stop them filing acres of equally brain-dead copy. Anyone capable of any serious analysis will be looking for the nearest cave to hide in until the white noise dissipates. The notion that the anti-EU vote is stagnating is news the faithful are not receptive to. Their response is to attack. I've been called some interesting names by Ukippers today for pointing this out - and have actually been called a communist!

We are in the age of political media fiction. The fiction where David Cameron used the veto, the fiction of the Ukraine "trade deal" and the "unprovoked Russian invasion". Now we get the fiction of the "Ukip surge".  Curiously Ukippers are keen to point out such fictions exist, but not when the fiction suits their own beliefs. 

So as much as the media will be insufferable for the next few days, if you were hoping for any intelligent discourse from the average Ukipper, forget it. The narrative has been written and the truth shall wither on the vine.  We are not looking at a political party, we are looking at a belief system and a cult. Ukippers have shelved their critical faculties for the foreseeable future.

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