Friday 7 August 2015

Ukip is a disease of the mind

RAF Typhoon struts its stuff at Yeovilton Air Day 2015

"Our RAF jets 'BEATEN' in training exercise with Indian pilots in Russian planes" squeals the Daily Express. It's actually total baloney - which the Express report even alludes to. The Indians are lying, and it has no basis in reality. Not that it matters. Having seen both aircraft types at full pelt with my own eyes, there is just nothing that could convince me the Typhoon would not win out in a real combat situation every single time. It is an incredible machine. Incredibly expensive, but undeniably the best in its class.

But because it's a "Eurofighter" the Kiptards are furiously retweeting this and tutting to themselves (just look at some of the comments). Clearly because it's in the Daily Express it must be true! But this is what ultimately fucks me off about Ukippers. In their minds everything is bad, nothing works, everything is a failure, we're a nation in decline, every politician is a liar and every politician is stupid - and somehow their "common sense" (deep rooted ignorance) makes them smarter than everybody who has given any particular subject a moments thought. It's a nihilism in the kipper DNA.

But what really drives me to want to kerb-stomp Ukippers is the swaggering and inane pomposity. They're absolutely dripping with self-righteousness without a hint of self awareness, and barring one or two exceptions I genuinely feel like I need to scrub myself down with wire wool after talking to one.

Now I know I sound like I'm completely consumed by hatred of them, but these people do drive me fucking crazy. For real. We've been given a once in a lifetime opportunity to leave the EU and these morons are not only unaware of the need for a coherent strategy but are actively hostile to developing one, instead mistaking a flurry of activity, retweeting any old europhobic bilge, as actual productive campaigning. In fact they are shitting in the swimming pool. If I were a Joe Bloggs voter I wouldn't put my tick in the same box as these cave dwellers.

What's breathtaking about it is the disturbing uniformity of it. They believe everyone shares their intensity of hatred for the EU and that anyone who thinks differently is not someone they could possibly persuade - but a traitor and a fifth columnist. I talk to many Ukippers as I'm trying to recruit some people who will prove useful in the referendum campaign but the number who can be reasoned with are in single digits - and even then they eventually revert to type, offering up the robotic meme that "without Farage we wouldn't even be having a referendum" - as though that were some justification for Ukip setting us on a course for a catastrophic defeat that buries the issue for a generation.

For that alone, there is no political entity in British politics more loathsome than they. At least the SNP have mastered message discipline and they at least know what they want and have a plan on how to get it. Ukip only know what they hate, which is more or less everything - and all they are prepared to do about it is clog up social media with xenophobic paranoid bigotry and mean-spiritedness.

If they could be reasoned with I wouldn't despise them as much as I do, but the more I try the less I feel like fighting the campaign is even worth the bother. For Ukip to actually rob me of my sense of purpose on this issue is really quite an accomplishment. If they've succeeded in doing that to me, then I expect they have driven a lot of people away in droves. The only recompense I have is that these miserable, oafish dunces take their miserable ideology out into the world thus will have it visited back upon them - and their lives, much like Ukip, will end in failure.

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