Monday, 17 August 2015

The Middle East conflict has jumped the shark and the left needs to move on

I've just seen a clip of Jeremy Dustbin defending his his questionable associations. I believe he has no direct associations with such people - but when you're a moonbat leftist, obsessed with the Israeli-Palestine issue, you will find yourself sharing platforms with foaming anti-semites and holocaust deniers. It has long been a cause célèbre of the left and they have never shown good judgement in this regard, often toadying up to some really quite repulsive individuals.

The matter is so long established as a flashpoint for virtue signalling that it is no longer about the original conflict of 67. It's about maintaining a victim group as political football on the world stage for their own selfish ends. I don't honestly think your average leftist gives a single shit about Palestinains. It's just one of those causes a good little leftist subscribes to in order to receive a free Che Guevara t-shirt.

There was a time when I took more than a passing interest in the issue in that understanding the conflict is central to understanding some of our own domestic political divisions, but eventually you work out that this issue is kept alive as a political figleaf for Islamism and the continued demonisation of Jews. And I can sort of see why the left hate Jews. They're a bunch of people who rejected victimhood and built something worth preserving.

Asked if I give a tinkers damn now, I'd say no. I think the fastest resolution to it is for Western hacks and moralists to butt out of it. At this point, I genuinely couldn't care less. In the final analysis, Israel is going to have to open the borders to Gaza eventually. It probably will mean the end of Israel as a solely Jewish state - and it probably won't survive because a people who are culturally trained from birth to be victims are never going to be able to build or maintain. It will just be another in a long list of Middle East failed states - and when it's gone, the despotic Arab nations won't have anything to blame for their own pisspoor governance.

I don't see the Israelis giving up without a fight though. They will carry on until it reaches critical mass. As to whether I have any sympathy left for anybody is more complex. Israel has been accused of everything under the sun for so long that they probably figure there is nothing left to lose but to do that which it is accused. Operation Protective Edge was the last drop of my patience. Making thousands homeless and lobbing artillery to take out $40 rocket site not even in range of residential areas is where I seriously stop giving a monkeys, and perhaps think it's just another shithole middle eastern dump run by religious zealots. Nothing out of the ordinary.

From here on in I just refuse to have an opinion on it and think everyone else should perhaps follow suit. Let them get on with it. By climbing aboard the Palestine bandwagon for what is a dismal ethno-nationalist spat long past its sell by date, politicians are telling me that their political agenda is trapped in the past - obsessed with the oldest of hatreds, and geared toward an issue that is largely irrelevant to much more deserving and urgent humanitarian questions. That makes me question their intelligence and integrity. But then to be a leftist you have to have neither to begin with.

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