Tuesday 4 August 2015

Fair warning to kippers

It has been noted that kipper comments mostly get deleted on this blog. When they are personal attacks (and quite often deeply personal) I feel they add no value to the debate. It's true I certainly take no prisoners dishing it out where kippers are concerned but I don't conceal my motives or intent or identity.

The kippers who come on here to gripe do so not to make a case as to why grunting about foreigners is a referendum winner, but to vomit their invective at me, anonymously, having put their Disqus account in private mode thus concealing their posting activity. Such people are not interested in debate or transparency - they come only to defend the reputation of their cult rather than to engage in the matter at hand. Such people have no rights here and I am neither obliged to host it nor engage with it.

Kippers complain that I am "deeply offensive" and OTT, but really my lack of patience is the result of every conversation with a kipper ending the same way, with them lashing out at me through their fog of incomprehension. Kippers need an attitudinal adjustment in how they respond to criticism.

As much as the ugly immigration obsessed picture they paint of themselves on Twitter is a vote loser, nobody engaged in the EU debate will feel compelled to vote our way after interacting with needlessly aggressive kippers. And that really does shine a light on why I give kippers a rough ride.

I'm told I am "deliberately seeking all the worst elements of UKIPers" to make my case, but they're not exactly inconspicuous, and I don't have to go to any great investigative effort to find them. Most of the time they come to me. Moreover, on the basis of my years long experience with them, the distinctions between the best and the worst elements are marginal if they exist at all. They all seem to be uniformly awful and belligerently stupid.

If Ukippers don't want to be tarred with the same brush as the xenophobic grunters in their ranks, they either have to sort their party out and get rid of Farage, stop the BNP dog-whistles, stop talking complete crap about the EU, or just leave the party entirely. To stay in as the party as it currently stands is simply to endorse the gargantuan and epic moron-a-thon that it is.

They keep telling me to be more constructive, but that's all this blog has ever been. I want to develop a winning message that appeals to normal and moderate people. I also need to spell out the mistakes my own side is making. Sadly I spend more time on the latter through necessity. You could not get more constructive. It's kippers who need a bit of introspection. not me.

Kippers however see this as an attack on their cult - thus they come to attack me. Remind me why I should not treat them with hostility and contempt.

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