Monday 3 August 2015

Fun time quiz for kippers

It seems my last few posts were too hard to understand so I have prepared this cut out and keep Pop Quiz for Ukippers. Consider the following facts then answer the exam questions at the bottom.
  • Left wingers don't like right wingers.
  • If the right talks about immigration, the left call us racists. They are big meanies like that.
  • If we talk about nothing but immigration, we start SOUNDING like racists.
  • Because the left is pretty good at what they do, and have a media largely on their side, very soon ordinary people think we ARE racist - and quite a bit loopy.
  • Ukip didn't get 4m votes in the general election - and everyone who was going to vote Ukip probably did vote Ukip. 
  • They will likely vote to leave the EU anyway.
  • Referendums are not elections though. People do not vote for parties. They vote for ideas.
  • The majority of people would never vote Ukip in a billion years.
  • But we need the majority of people to win the referendum. We need several million more people to win.

So then children, here's Question 1: If the majority are lead to believe that banging on about black boat people all the time is racist, what do you suppose the No campaign should try not to do?

Question 2: If immigration is seen as a negative and isolationist campaign message, what do you think we should talk about?

Question 3: If the Twitter hashtags for the No campaign are all clogged up with immigrant obsessed bilge, what will people think of us?

Take your time my little darlings. Think before you answer in the comments. If you need me to repost this in a larger font, let me know. I know these are hard questions but I believe at least one of you can do it. The winner will receive a pair of signature Nigel Farage red-laced jackboots. The runner-up prize is a tube of Savlon to soothe those painful knuckle grazes.

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