Wednesday 22 July 2015

The SNP is a symptom of moral decline in Scotland

So the SNP have been playing musical chairs again. Childish stunts do seem to be their modus operandi don't they? One wonders why they bothered if that's all they intend to do. They certainly didn't come to Westminster with any big ideas.

So far as I can see, the SNP see the purpose of government as an agency for redistributing wealth rather than facilitating those who create it. It is more interested in redistributing wealth than governing - so those vital institutions that facilitate functioning civil society will be centralised, neglected and compacted to release more funds to bribe their core vote with. Road repairs, snow clearing and refuse collection will take second place to doling out more benefits. They are more interested in subsidising poverty than examining the reasons poverty exists. 

And this is Labour's problem too. The left think government is some giant redistributive charity funded by the Easter bunny and that outright plundering of private wealth is entirely free of consequence. It beggars belief that such backward ideas would still gain traction in the twenty first century, yet Labour are actually serious about electing a 70's era throwback for a leader. They are stark raving mad.

When we look at those nations where his mentality prevails we find an indolent public sector, broken infrastructure, shortages and corruption everywhere. Nobody is made any richer for it, it makes the currency worthless and nobody in their right mind would invest there. When a government has an ambiguous attitude to private property, where is the incentive to invest, create and improve?

For the left, the last century was their grand experiment. Their ideas took hold in Mexico, Russia, Greece, Cuba and Venezuela - to name a few. Now the challenge in this century is how to undo the decades of damage. The ideas of the left have brought all of these nations to the brink of extinction as functioning states.

We should be relieved that the clear majority are adult enough not to be seduced by those same toxic ideas, and if anything the right can afford a little cheer as Labour consigns itself to the dustbin of history. The British people will reject Corbyn as they did Miliband. But that is no reason to be complacent. That these poisonous ideas are on the march in Scotland tells us that something has gone badly wrong - that Scotland is in a state of advanced moral, intellectual and spiritual decay. We should treat that as a national emergency.

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