Monday 27 April 2015

A missed opportunity for Ukip

The Saharan death trail

You would think that Ukip, the eurosceptic party, would be ripping shreds into the EU's murderous immigration policy. It's a bigger failure than CAP and CFP put together - and it costs billions. As much as thousands are dying in the Mediterranean, a great many more perish crossing the Sahara desert because the EU's broken asylum system incentivises the journey. More die each year than in the Nepal earthquake. But there's no rolling news coverage of that - and not a peep from Ukip.

In reality, Ukip is no longer interested in defeating the EU. These bozos are never happier than when they're miserable and they wouldn't know what to do with themselves without the EU to rail at. They don't even want an EU referendum and I'm quite sure they'll want to lose it when they get one. They show no interest in actually winning it.

They are nihilistic miserablists through and through, who want to hide from modernity and pull up the drawbridge, fling shit at the EU, but remain silent at the EU doing their dirty work in keeping the black people out. That's what they're really about now.

Attacking the EU on its killer immigration and asylum record would be all it needed to do to prove it wasn't a dismal xenophobic cult. But that's precisely what it is, so all we'll get is silence. Farage might stumble across the point by accident, but like most of the media, he'll get it wrong. We won't see any grown up analysis from Ukip or its sympathisers.

A eurosceptic party that wanted to be part of a bigger global community than the EU and shouted from the rooftops about the EU's iron curtain of death would be one I would be proud to vote for. I'm disappointed to say that isn't Ukip. Disappointed, but not surprised.

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