Monday 22 December 2014

Twisting the knife

As a Populus poll shows Ukip tanking on 12%, we're having some festive fun at Ukip's expense over on EU Referendum. I can only echo the sentiments of Autonomous Mind in the comments
A good number of people have been highlighting UKIP's flaws for a long time and got nothing but abuse and mockery for it. The solutions were put in the public domain, but the true believers told us we were wrong and demanded we back the party and the party sneered and ignored the recommendations.

We can see that that which we were being implored to back unconditionally is exhibiting exactly the failings we warned about. The issues we said UKIP had to address have been left to fester and now are coming back to undermine the party. 
The media feeding frenzy at Ukip's expense was predictable and predicted. The Ukipists were told they would need message discipline, policy and in-house expertise. They were told that Farage's blasé approach, and his management of the party as his own personal fiefdom would harm Ukip.

They were told that the flagrant populism would make it a folk demon for the left, and its immigration stance would invite accusations of racism. They were told that the bilious and hackneyed invective of their activists would prove to be a turn off. They were told their contradictory and incoherent message would sow confusion and leave the party wide open to attack.

Those who took the time to say so were unpersoned by Ukipists who would not have ill spoken of their tribe or their cult leader. The trap was set and Ukip walked right in, refusing to heed warnings of those who know the nature of the Ukip beast. "Dregs of rejects" we became.

Well, all I can say is, suck it up losers. You made your bed, enjoy your slumber.

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