Wednesday 3 December 2014

Carswell goes full Ukip

I know it's not good form to mock the afflicted, but here we have journalist, Iain Martin, asking senior Ukipist, Douglas Carswell, to clarify what a Ukip government would do to tackle the deficit. "Iain, you sound like a propagandist" shrieks Carswell, ducking the question.

Those familiar with the Ukipist disease will know such statements are routinely followed with "you are a LibLabCon paid shill" - or better still, a "German spy working for the EUSSR". It gets them all eventually. You have to suspend any and all critical faculties to join Ukip and Carswell is no exception, so it can't be too long before he starts suspecting everyone who demands a straight answer as having some kind of shadowy ulterior motive. Such is paranoia within a cult. It can't be too long before Ukip's Waco moment now. I'll bring the barbecue sauce.

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