Thursday 18 December 2014

Reactionary right-wing bores

It's hard being a right winger sometimes because it means sharing the same boat with sneering reactionary bores, and today they're super tedious. The ECJ has just ruled that obesity is a disability. It is. Some people, through no fault of their own are fat. In fact, I should be a fat fuck. I don't eat anything that does not involve pastry or bacon, I smoke, I do little exercise and I drive to work even though it's quicker to walk the 200 yards, and I rarely trouble myself with sobriety. By rights I should be a sweating mound of blubber. But I'm skinny, and that's just how I am. So if folk are just how they are, then it follows that some poor buggers are fat whatever they do. And what a debilitating, miserable thing that must be. 

Sure there are people who don't do themselves any favours, but as a smoker I'm not in a position to throw any stones. It will be up to a medical professional to decide if the level of obesity is in fact a disability, but it is a medical condition that does require support and treatment and if you're one of those people who think it is solely a matter of eating all the pies, then you're a judgmental prick. Sometimes it is a case of eating all the pies, but even then, that is telling of an impulse control problem or a mental illness. Whether this ruling enables fat lazy chavs to quit work and soak up benefits is nothing to do with the ECJ and everything to do with our morally and systematically corrupt welfare system.

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