Saturday 6 June 2015

Ukip: ignorant timewasters

It's probably not the best kept secret in the world but I run the EU Referendum Twitter account. I'm not as disciplined as I should be because the inanity of Ukippers pushes all my buttons at once. Today a Kippermong asserted that Flexcit was a rip-off of the Ukip manifesto. Nevermind that Flexcit was published months in advance of the very late Ukip manifesto and profoundly disagrees with most of what it says, but that's your average Ukipper for you.

We've had some complaints about the Bastard Blog because it's crude and not very nice to Ukippers. Frankly, it isn't aimed at Ukippers and it is MY blog and I will run it any way I damn well please. But Kippers have accused me of their own crime. Hostility. They complain that I block them and delete their comments. It's true, I do. I've had the same conversation a hundred times over and the Kipper rehtoric is just variation on the same theme. It's tedious as well as depressing, it adds no value and there is zero chance of reasoning with a Ukipper.

They then have the audacity to claim it is I who is damaging the No campaign. But hereabove (pictured) is a genuinely touching tweet left by a left winger I've been speaking with. I've had a lot of constructive and informative discussions with people on the opposite side of the debate, something Ukippers simply can't do since they break into calling people quislings and fifth columnists.

We persuade through means of dialogue and we open minds with a new information. Something Kippers want to insulate themselves from - and brand anyone who disagrees as "enemy".

The notion that their toxic venting, without co-ordination or message discipline somehow benefits the campaign is something they cannot be talked out of no matter how diplomatically one approaches it. So all I have left for Ukip is hostility for being the ignorant timewasters they are.

As it happens, my hostility to Ukip is precisely what gives me an open line to the left, and that is something Ukip cannot cultivate. So there is indeed a strategy at work. It's just beyond the comprehension of Kippers. For trying to explain that the No campaign must up its game and start making friends, this is the kind of response I get from them...

Bizarrely, these people then assume they have the right to come to this blog and spew their venom. Has it occurred to them that what you get out is precisely what you put in? Probably not.

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