Monday 22 June 2015

Say no to SNP fascism

The Renewables Obligation subsidy for new onshore wind farms is being scrapped a year early from April next year. While this is good news it only gets one cheer from me. This is the Cameron government all over. What we see here is a hat tip to nimbyism in his core constituencies while we continue to build these useless things offshore. It's an insult to our intelligence. Opposition to wind has never solely about the catastrophic impact it has on the countryside (and our bills), but rather the thinking that spawned them in the first place and the antidemocratic nature in which they were imposed upon us.

It comes as no surprise that such moves to scrap subsidy face a legal challenge from the SNP Scottish government. More than anything, I think that's what I hate most about the SNP and their economic vision. Their vision of state directed capitalism is that jobs should be manufactured by the state, having people do pointless and unnecessary things for the sake of keeping them occupied, which is essentially welfarism writ large. It is the view that people do not exist to contribute to the progress of humanity, rather they are cattle who are on earth for a short time and must be kept fed and kept busy by munificent benefactors in government. That's why people call the SNP fascists, and they're right. 

Mix up the blood and soil nationalism, stoking a bogus narrative of land and peoples, a sense of persecution and a smoke and mirrors Marshall plan for the economy and you have something as close as you can get to fascism. Then when you add in a system of state assessments of every child, ticking them off according to what a state approved ideal of childhood and parenting, giving unprecedented powers to strangers who report to the state and you have something very ugly indeed.

The thought of Scotland ever gaining full independence is something we should be terrified of. I could see it driving out half the professional classes. If it were ever to happen that is. But it's not going to happen. Y'see the SNP are liars. Watch what they do, not what they say. In practice they don't want full fiscal independence. That would mean taking on adult responsibility and taking the blame. If they had full fiscal independence they would have to cut harder and faster than ever before and they know it. Economic and political realities demand it. By keeping the status quo they have the best of both worlds - all the cushy jobs and political sinecures, the prestige of office and a strong grip on office by continuing to blame London for "Westminster imposed austerity" which keeps the victim culture alive. It is the height of political dishonesty and cynicism.

Moreover, the recent displays of political thuggery in Westminster tells you what these people are about. Packing themselves in tightly for a photo opportunity during a staged debate on the bedroom tax was a thoroughly cynical exercise - a cheap shot that plays into the profound ignorance of how parliament debates works. As cynical as that is, it's also dangerous. Any stunt like that requires a level of co-ordination that betrays a tight discipline and whenever you get that kind of overriding devotion to an organisation, people can be coerced into monstrous behaviour when the ends are perceived to justify the means.

That is not to say they're going to start anti-English pogroms or have a political purge, but there are signs of discriminatory policies and we can see the subtext in practice. Not for a moment should anyone be fooled that they are a soft left progressive movement. This is ugly politics with an ugly agenda. The promise of sunlit uplands if only THEY had ALL the power. Thankfully, that's not going to happen, but with the power they do have, they will suck to all to the centre and away from councils and local agencies. Theirs is a command and control mentality - the idea that no pound is spent publicly or privately without them sanctioning it.

I once called Ukip the most malevolent force in British politics. I still stand by that in that their craven ignorance, matched only by their arrogance, will destroy any counter establishment movement for a generation - all for just a moment in the spotlight - but the SNP is a different kind of monster. It's not bumbling and directionless everyday prejudice as Ukip is. It's seething, sharply focussed, cynical and divisive.

In terms of the economics, the narratives and the populism, it's barely different from the BNP, only it has a much more sophisticated disguise - and whatever racism is there is largely directed at white English people, which is frowned upon, but they're not a victim group with political currency so it's ignored.

From now on, I won't flinch from calling the SNP what they are - fascists. It's a particular brand of Scottish fascism, but it's fascism all the same. It should be opposed. 

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