Friday 5 June 2015

His name was Peter Troy

Sadly, Peter Troy didn't make it. This is a huge blow. He was a man who got things done. He worked hard for what he believed in. He went to great expense to help our side win the argument. His accomplishments will outlive him for a long time.

My fondest memory of Peter Troy was when he called to say we had air side access to Sunderland airshow. What that actually entailed was sitting in the pilots lounge getting gradually sloshed while the pilots went off and did their thing. We missed most of the airshow and instead nattered to Bomber Command veterans all day. He was recording most of it. I hope the tapes survive.

I wish everyone could have someone as loyal as Peter Troy in their family. He was a furiously defiant man. He lived on his own terms and I strongly suspect died on his own terms too. We are diminished without him.

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