Thursday 18 June 2015

Hurry up and die

So, according to various rumours, Suzanne Evans has been sacked from Ukip in what looks to be a paranoid Farage tantrum. Though thick as a whale omelette, she is often mistaken for competent because she's the least mongy of the kippers, and is at least presentable, to a degree. As far as the kippermongs are concerned she's the obvious choice to replace Farage, and that is precisely why she's been given the boot. Now I seem to recall a certain blog outlining precisely why this would happen. Anyone who presents a threat to Farage gets the boot because he's paranoid and insecure - and knows that without his cult of adoring kippermongs, he hasn't got very much going for him.

Certain individuals assured me Farage and clan would take Ukip to dizzying new heights, but an Ipsos Mori poll has them down to a mere 8% and once again lagging behind the Lib Dems. Something else I predicted. I also said that Ukip would badly damage the chances of winning an EU referendum. Sadly that also looks like a probability.

It really serves the stupid bastards right. They should have listened. We said that a failure to prepare a workable case for leaving the EU, and a detailed plan on how, would be the undoing of the Brexit cause, and it looks like we'll be right again.

I think from now on, the most valuable thing Ukippers can bring to the referendum campaign is their silence. There is nobody in Ukip fit to speak on behalf of any Brexit campaign, they have nothing credible to add, and the job hard enough without having to apologise for their relentless stupidity.

Rumour has it that Twitter and Reddit kippers are finally waking up and turning on Farage. Perhaps the bubble is bursting and the Farage Mirage is over. I can't say for certain if they'll realise just how much damage they do, but even a zombie Ukip still has the potential to ruin any chance of leaving the EU for good. If there is any hope at all, the best thing Ukip can do is hurry up and die.

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