Thursday 5 June 2014

Forgive me if I sounds a little sarcastic

James Delingpole: Gramscian Marxist Stooge
Quite obviously James Delingpole is a Tory stooge, a communist and a defender of the LibLabCon. He is obviously out to get Ukip, and it's all just sour grapes because he didn't get selected to be an MEP.

It could also be that he is a plant working for MI5 - and Breitbart London is a cover for the Gramscian-Marxist Agenda, a side-project of Common Purpose, and funded by the European Commission.

Traitor Delingpole writes...
Discussing this with one of UKIP's Young Turks Michael Heaver on the Spectator podcast, I wasn't terribly reassured by his response. UKIP, apparently, are going to wheel out all manner of splendid, thought-through policies which we're all going to love when they bring out their new manifesto, come the Autumn conference season. But policy detail is the obsession of wonks, not real people. What those of us in the normal world want to know most of all is this: What does UKIP actually believe in? This matters because if UKIP doesn't have a coherent ideology then a) it will be just like all the other parties which have long since jettisoned any last vestige of principle and b) it will find it impossible to justify and defend its positions with any intellectual consistency.
Another MSM smear. He concludes with...
I hope I'm wrong - but if I'm right about this, then UKIP are never going to shake up the political system in the way some of us hoped. They're just going to give it a gentle slap and tickle, before joining the cosy club.
Quite obviously he is being unhelpful - and not very constuctive, and Ukippers should now give him a wide berth, ignore his blog and stop commenting on Breitbart. To Coventry with him. He should be duly deferential and supportive, and not say these horrid things about the party that is causing an earthquake in British politics.

Nothing of that nature has EVER been said even on this blog. Honest!

James Delingpole, get thee to a nunnery!

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