Saturday 19 March 2016

Vote Leave to get rid of these idiots

If I had to give out an award for issue illiteracy it would be to Chris Giles of the Financial Times. As bad as the FT is, he has taken Brexit bullshit to an artform. The constant thing about these dirges are that they are so predictable and so tedious ... all of them recycling the same limited set our sources, telling the same story in much the same way. Long before this is over, these people will have bored even themselves into a standstill.

What's clear to me is that if people are relying on the media with no prior knowledge of the issues they are not getting anything like a realistic or accurate picture. And it will be difficult for people to vote on the basis of which side is the least repellent because the Remain side is still a contender on that score even with Ukip on our side. Ukip may be thick as shit, but they genuinely believe the crap they spout whereas the Remain campaign are lying, know they are lying and everybody else knows it too.

Personally I find some of them so repellent I would not hesitate in using many of them for bayonet practice if I thought it would do any good. The big problem with political violence is if you take out an idiot, you martyr said idiot - and there is an inexhaustible supply of idiots to replace them. And if I was going to go that far I think I would start with the morons on my own side first. While there is no shortage of motivation, I would be apprehended long before the know was even close to complete.

But as much as Brexit bullshit is boring us all into oblivion, the media has succeeded in making it all about Tory infighting, where we have Mark Wallace of Conservative Home taking up comedy in the Guardian (see above). We know the Tufton Street losers are delusional but this has to be a laugh.

That it's actually too risible even for this blog to bother fisking it all tells you everything. It's a damp squib of a referendum if your only source of information is London. You get a better standard of debate down the pub than from our media.

But I think this ultimately why we need to leave the EU. Turnout is going to collapse after the referendum. We have all seen what a bunch of incompetent wastrels Ukip are who offer no real answers and present no real threat. Labour will only discover a surface level of unity to exploit Tory splits. There will be no coherent force in Westminster with any ideas and certainly nobody is offering any solutions. We may see a right wing equivalent of Corbynisation in the Tory party but after the referendum, what possible use is that?

The only vote that can possibly break this deadlock is to shake the whole system to the core. Only Brexit can do that. That will see the wasters and idiots cast aside as expertise once again comes back in demand and subsequently back in fashion. If we stay in the EU it can only get more toxic and more incoherent with the London hack-o-sphere disappearing further up its own arse (assuming that's even possible).

As much as the EU's economic stagnation is dangerous, the political decay is even more dangerous. If the entire electorate becomes convinced the Wesminster system is futile and incapable of changing, they will seek means of removing it. I will be among them.

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