Tuesday 22 March 2016

Shurely shome mishtake?

This hereabove is a typical comment on Breitbart. Breitbart doesn't allow comments that attack Ukip. Moderate comments are pruned. The kind of comment we see above is encouraged. It is the business model of Breitbart to pander to these very people. Now substitute "muslim" for "jew" and "mosque" for "synagogue".

The comment was spotted underneath this article, by James Delingpole, entitled "Only ‘Brexit’ Can Save Britain From This Scourge Of Political Islam Waging War In Europe".

Demonstrably, and self-evidently untrue. A new low for Delingpole. Here vanishes the last shred of respect I had for him. 

You would think that would be sufficiently unpleasant for the head of communications of a Leave organisation seeking the lead designation to leave well alone. Not so Andy Wigmore of Leave.EU, penning an embarrassing screed on the subject of the Commonwealth (despite having had plenty briefing as to why it is not close to a plausible proposition for Britain).

It's not like he hasn't been told that Breitbart is a nasty rag that our efforts should not be associated with either. 

And as repellent as it is, such a line failed to produce a single MP for Ukip in the general election - and will not bring us anywhere close to securing the 51% we need to leave the EU - nor will it do anything to expand the appeal of our cause. In every sense it is ill-advised. More curious is that he is writing in his capacity a diplomat attached to the Belizean High Commission in London. Is this the message Belize is trying to project?

I can't say. But you can imagine my irritation and confusion when readers persistently complain to me about the things I say, when my message is that we must have a progressive, orderly and risk free Brexit plan and should argue the democracy and global engagement case over and above immigration and traditional little Englander euroscepticism. 

One must never point out that it's not a good idea to ally ourselves with nazi shitrags like Breitbart who deliver nothing but repeated failures for Ukip. And I mustn't ever say that Boris Johnson is a malevolent self-serving shit. And god forbid I call anyone a moron. No, I must show unity. I mustn't criticise. I could lose the referendum for us if I happen to notice that half the leave brigade are bunch of mouthbreathers, racists and fantasists. So long as I keep quiet, nobody else will notice, right?

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