Monday 27 October 2014

That recall bill

I lack the enthusiasm to write a blog post. I downloaded some dictation software but even having to explain the following verbally sucked the last remaining embers of joy from my soul. But let me say this...

The MP recall bill is a stinking pile of dog excrement freshly deposited on our driveway. At best it can be described as a sticking plaster to cover a gaping gunshot wound to the belly which is already belching innards onto the grass.

It is little wonder that it is the pet project of Douglas Carswell and Zac Goldsmith. We can expect such political nativity from Carswell because Carswell has signed up with Ukip and Ukip are stupid, but the motivations for Goldsmith are less clear. I think it has something to do with the fact that he and his ilk are so far removed from the public, being one of the gilded circle and gifted a winnable seat in a traditionally Tory area, that he thinks this timid tinkering is actually a radical means of restoring trust in our shattered democracy. 

Aside from the fact that the safeguards to prevent "vexatious campaigns" means it will hardly ever be used, it is still a measure that keeps power firmly in the hands of those who rule us. One can try to suggest they need to go further than these mealy mouthed gestures, but our Zac does not see fit to condescend to us plebs, speaking only to his parliamentary colleagues and hacks from the mainstream press on Twitter. For he is an above-the-liner, and we plebs should know our place.

It is for this reason we need not just a single recall method, but a total recall, and the means to exercise power over them whenever we choose. That is why nothing other than the Harrogate Agenda is sufficient.

No doubt if this bill passes Ukipists will hail the it as the first step to blah blah blah and we shall all have cake. But if that is what it takes to impress you, then you really were born yesterday.

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