Wednesday 29 October 2014

Please don't be nasty to Ukip

Oh look, it's another one of those "please don't be nasty to Ukipists because we have to listen to how they feel" articles. Yeah, well the government did listen to how Ukipists feel and now it is government policy to let people drown in the Mediterranean. What next? We could of course do something rational like recognise that European immigration is an international problem that requires a multi-faceted solution requiring a great deal of international inter-agency co-operation and mutual compromise. That of course is going to cost money, which Ukip doesn't want to spend and (THE HORROR!!!)... Foreign aid... which has already been earmarked for schools and 'ospitals, guvnor.

So no, we don't need to listen to the retard party because their solutions will make immigration immeasurably worse - and we have done so already just by pandering to them. Ok, so the main parties haven't got the issue surrounded either, but that's because they at least acknowledge that it is an expensive and difficult question to which there are no easy answers. I will take that over a party that thinks waving a magic wand and simply leaving the EU makes all our problems go away. It was suggested to Ukip that they might want to come up with an intelligent policy proposal before wading into this debate. They said they knew better. And we are supposed to drop everything and take them seriously?

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