Monday 13 October 2014

All too predictable

It's a bit of a laugh that this should come from Conservative Home of all places but as I predicted, now that Ukip have their public profile, people will start to look very closely at their policies in search of a central message - and discover that there isn't one. It will become highly fashionable to dig through Ukip tract to highlight the glaring inconsistencies and the sheer implausibility of their ideas - not to mention their complete lack of EU knowledge. And you will hear me grumbling as praise is heaped upon mainstream hacks for discovering what I've been saying relentlessly for the last two years or so.

What will be amusing is the contortions Ukipists will go to in defending feeble policies scribbled on the back of a fag packet by Farage and co in a hurry (while they accuse me of being one of the liberal elite (Oh yes, I've made it that far!). The naked tribalism will send them further into their ever growing mutual support group as they kid themselves that they are going to lead us to sunlit uplands of prosperity and take us out of the EU. Put it to them that their "common sense" might need a bit of a rethink when it clashes with reality and you'll soon become an un-person and automatically labelled as a supporter of the establishment "LibLabCon" so they don't create any friction between their two respective brain cells.

I never thought I would say this in a million years but now I'm kinda rooting for a Labour government because if these fools are at the forefront of euroscepticism by the time of a referendum, then we are sure to lose it and Britain ceases to be a country. If "the establishment" ever needed to invent a false flag operation it would look a lot like Ukip.

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