Monday 28 April 2014

Boris Johnson: pathological liar

A Muppet - and a creature from Sesame Street.
Boris Johnson in The Telegraph today...
"It may indeed come to that, if we cannot get what we need in a renegotiation: an improved single market, that genuinely works in the interest of British people and businesses. But that renegotiation will not begin for another year, when David Cameron gets the mandate he needs at the general election."
Y'see, this is the Tory lie machine at work. Either Boris is stupid or he thinks we're stupid. The EU has no obligation to prioritise any renegotiation, and any renegotiation of substance would require a treaty change, which is not going to happen this side of 2019 assuming Cameron can get unanimity. The fact of the matter is there is no renegotiation of the Four Freedoms unless we exit the EU via Article 50 which then forces them to "renegotiate".

Moreover, Boris frames it in terms of the "single market" when the EU is a federalist project and the direction of travel is and always has been a European superstate. Boris glosses over this expecting us not to notice. The subtext being that the Tories want to keep us in the EU to eventually become a province of that super-state while feeding us the lie that it is merely a trading block.

This is why the Tories cannot be trusted. They lie to us and they take us for fools. They dangle a referendum in front of us but there is always this baloney "renegotiation" caveat and they are still pushing the lie that Cameron used the "veto". Anyone who knows what the EU is and how is works knows that the Tories are lying through their teeth, and are maintaining a deception that they are eurosceptic.  In the final analysis they want us to remain members of the EU to it's final conclusion - when there is no democratic mandate for it.

As to the substance of his article - does he seriously think the EU would bend to that agenda? If he does then he simply does not understand the anatomy of the EU. And this is the man flirting with the idea of being Cameron's successor: A buffoon and a pathological liar.

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