Tuesday 12 July 2016

Labour is a zombie party. Let it die.

Various Labourists outraged at Corbyn today for killing the Labour party. Little do they realise it has been a zombie party for quite a long time now. Jo Cox was emblematic of that cancer within. Leftists more bothered about palestinians than Brits. More troubled by meeting UN targets than bringing down energy costs for working people.

We suffered a major financial crash in 2008. Labour's answer to this was to pile on costs on energy production making it even harder for business and working families. Looking good on the international circuit mattered more than winning the trust of voters. They took their base for granted and parachuted scumbags like Jo Cox into safe seats over the heads of local parties.

Now that Labour is stuffed to the gunwales with these identifit clones they now blame Corbyn for their party's lack of electability. Meanwhile, Corbyn, whose politics I despise is still more presentable than any of them. At least we know what he believes in. You couldn't say that about Chuka Umunna or the bloodthirsty Hilary Benn. These people aren't even democrats.

And then when you look at the thought leaders of the Labour party, like James Bloodworth, they are still concocting arguments to defend the legacy of Blair - a man who destroyed the public sector - turning it into a warehouse for people who should have been in real jobs, destroyed the voluntary sector, destroyed the community ethos and shattered the dynamism of the labour market.

This is a party that uses the working class but is used to not having to answer to them on the assumption that Barnsley, Bradford and Rochdale will always vote Labour. It's only because of Corbyn Labour can even manage to hang on to these heartlands.

Even Labour at its least offensive is still grossly inept at handling the economy. And while I can't say much for Cameron's tories at least they were instinctively repulsed by the idea that working class people are a powerbase to be plied with welfare. Meanwhile this is a party that screams about racism but does absolutely nothing about antisemitism in its own ranks.

It preens about "fair trade", pushing councils to parade their virtues, adding to the cost of food. It circumvents the council tax referendums by charging for services we have already paid for. This is a party that doesn't give a solitary fuck about the less well off. This is a party that made millionaire bailiffs - chasing people for money that just isn't there. This is the party that criminalises ordinary people, limiting their life chances for administrative offenses. I don't even answer my door anymore. Not in case of violent criminals but in case of council officials. That's labour's legacy.

And as shitty as they are, when you read threads by those seeking to oust Corbyn they think they are the electable ones, despite the fact that Miliband was their creation and was even more of a laughing stock than Corbyn, unless you're one of the well-to-do do-gooder class.

I have never identified as left wing and I am barely working class, not least because I don't do any actual work, but I can knock up a popular list of working class concerns on the back of a fag packet in two minutes that would take Labour MPs months of focus groups to come up with. These people couldn't work up a social policy if their lives depended on it. These people are profoundly anti-social.

Meanwhile, it's not the left calling out the EU on it being a viper's nest of corporate interests. Labour would take us back in in a heartbeat. Yet somehow Sheffield, Sunderland and Bradford voted to leave. I don't know who Labour represents but it isn't the working class. It isn't even the middle class. Whatever it has become is actually deeply unpopular with those trying to make a life in this ever harsher world and Labour is doing nothing to help.

It's not surprising people find some empathy with Corbyn because his politics at least come from a time when Labour used to represent working class concerns, even if his ideas are antiques. Labour would rather get rid of him because they would actually have to fight on a platform that appeals to people they actively hate.

They call Corbyn unelectable but they are the unelectable ones. They have no ideas, no agenda and seek office for its own sake. They see themselves as guardians of a working class constituency that belongs to them - as though working class people were a herd to be owned. God forbid the plebs should actually organise their own party to represent themselves. It's a new form of electoral feudalism.

Labour is a shell of a party that believes in nothing, commits to nothing and has no idea how to govern. It isn't even interested in governing - only occupying high office. That is why Labour is at war with itself. They are squabbling over who gets to the keys to the petty cash drawer. They think if they emote strongly enough that people will identify with them but these are not people interested in policy. This is why the public look on in dismay and bewilderment. I certainly have no dog in the fight and I won't care who wins. Neither wing of the party presents anything on any level I could vote for.

Ever since Blair left office the party has been a dead man walking. Labour sold its soul for a turn in office and now it is a hollowed out shell that thinks it can recover power by continuing in Blair's image yet not one of them possesses even a tenth of Blair's cunning.

They believe that taking power is just a matter of projecting the right image rather than talking to real people, asking them what they want and offering an agenda that speaks to them. They have abandoned politics entirely. This is a party that exists for no reason. It isn't even an effective opposition. The best thing it can do is hurry up and die. Politics will be all the better for it.

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