Monday 6 June 2016

Let's be done with these awful people.

A few polls have put Leave in the lead. I am cautious. My view is to always fight like you're losing. What's interesting though is the reaction on the remain side. They see this as the great unwashed being taken in by the snake oil salesmen like Farage and Johnson - that we are under the hypnotic spell of the tabloid press, and that we have rejected the wisdom of the experts - that populism is on the rise.

This is how deeply they hold the average voter in contempt. It doesn't actually occur to them that we all find the lead leave campaign a total irrelevance and this is our chance to express many of our views on a subject which has largely been buried for decades. No, we're all just feeble-minded xenophobes incapable of independent thought!

And that is in part what I am voting against. A snobbish, aloof political elite who believe that they are the progressives and the enlightened, and guardians of a sacred wisdom which must never be challenged by something as tawdry as democracy.

But it's not just them. Plenty of ordinary people think the same way. Useful idiots who wish to be seen to be progressive and enlightened and that somehow the EU is the embodiment of those values - despite decades of evidence to the contrary.

It is a wholly shallow, narcissistic and lazy attitude, being taken in by an institution that uses all the vocabulary of progressivism but is in reality nothing approaching what it pretends to be.

And this is why this is as much a culture war as anything else. I don't know about you but I'm tired of identikit clean cut politicians sneering at us from upon high. Not least the likes of Emma Reynolds and Rachel Reeves who in truth know fuck all about nine tenths of anything.

They are vacuous, empty, shallow, profoundly ignorant people with neither curiosity or self-awareness. I am voting to leave because these people want to remain. I want to sabotage their political agenda and I want adults back on control. We cannot afford to be run by these people anymore.

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