Sunday, 29 May 2016

Leading not leaving? Puhlease!!

I can think of no more astonishingly ignorant statement that we should be leading, not leaving the EU. So much so it sends me into an eye-popping rage. It is the bovine thoughtlessness of it that sends me round the fucking corner.

The EU has a massive obligation and that is not to let the Euro collapse and drag us all back into the dark ages. To that end it needs near total influence of economic policy within the Eurozone. It has a mountain to climb to bring about the economic convergence it should have had before it set off. For starters it will have to effectively assume control of Spain and Italy the way it has Greece because they're not getting their act together in cleaning up their grubby economies.

That means Britain is not on the agenda. At all. And because we are not in the Euro we'll have precisely zero influence of economic and monetary policy. Our needs will be way down the list of concerns. Though we will be presented with the bill - you can count on that much.

Meanwhile we're being gradually stripped of our voting rights at all the global regulatory bodies with the EU tightly controlling who can speak on our behalf. It's bad now and it's only going to get worse because when global bodies like the IMO tell the EU to go fuck itself they never take no for an answer and will keep trying.

Not only will be be marginalised inside the EU we will be completely without a voice at the global level and then europhiles have the nerve to suggest we would be isolated if we left the EU. I genuinely can't think of a more asinine thing to say than that. It's cretinous. These people haven't the first fucking idea what they are talking about and when you have some insight as to what is actually going on you start to realise that these people are actually fucking dangerous and shouldn't be allowed out without adult supervision.

The other crass assertion is that we should stay in because all the other world leaders thinks we should. Excuse me? Really? Leaders of competing economies don't want Britain to have a full presence of the global trade and regulatory bodies? Well fuck me sideways!! I'd never have guessed that. Exactly why should we vacate the room for India, China and America? Fuck off.

And then look at who is actually making the rules. Global trade alliances are made up of minnow states, large corporate unions and philanthropic institutes. That's a mixed blessing but as the global rules based trading system evolves we see far less participation from anybody we actually elected. Some of them are way more powerful than even the EU. In any dispute between the US and the EU they hold the deciding vote. That's real leverage yet we have to do as we are instructed if we're even allowed to sit at the table.

And while you might think this doesn't actually matter, where do you think all these regulatory instructions come from? Not Brussels. More likely Geneva. Go and have a look at the new proposed cigarette packets courtesy of the WHO. Charming stuff.

I'm not one to rail about any and all regulation and I think the kipperish complaining about it is ridiculous. lt's a hangover from the 1990's but to say that because we allow MEPs a lookie-loo after everything has been decided that the process is democratic is one of the biggest lies ever told. We have Microsoft and Maersk Line making policy for over a hundred countries. Of course they don't want the process democratised.

Worse still is the UN's injection of sustainable development goals and climate objectives into every area of regulatory activities. Now I don't give a shit whether you think global warming is happening or not. I personally think the whole edifice of climate Science is a fucking joke that fails to satisfy even the most basic scientific principles and it is 100% politically driven by people with some very disturbing ideas. But let's suppose they are absolutely right. Don't you think it's a good idea that we have a say?

It's all very laudable to want Lesser Developed Countries to enjoy the benefits of modernity, but they are imposing a the eco agenda on LDCs to ensure they develop in the "right" way - ie renewable energy etc. All the stuff that europhiles adore. But these people are a fucking menace. As much as they are holding back development by impressing the most expensive energy and technology upon them, they have zero self awareness and can't see the connection between their policies and the unwanted unintended consequences. They just carry on without ever pausing for thought or ever taking responsibility for what they do.

Meanwhile the EU finances it with out money, often just handing it over wholesale to NGOs who are accountable to nobody. There is no democracy in this system and that's why europhiles adore it. The eco-left orthodoxy has near complete control of the agenda and they know full well the biggest existential threat to that order is democracy. That is why all the dignitaries right up to the very top do not want Britain to leave the EU. They do not want the people having a say on any level.

And that's why I will fight these people to the death. I will not accept a defeat at the referendum because they are rigging it. I will not submit to their rule and if we have to have a war to sort this out then so be it. Europhiles tell us that the EU keeps the peace but all it's doing is storing up ill will across the continent and necessarily it has seen a revival of popular movements springing up which they libellous brand "far right". If you label something you negate it.

And I don't deny that the leaders of these grubby little populist parties are pretty shabby human beings but they are saints next to the shitstains like Blair, Cameron, Legarde and Juncker. I wouldn't be surprised if these people were satanists. When it comes down to it I will side with the grubby little upstart parties every single time - and when the great and the good have to start checking under their cars before setting off to work I won't shed a tear. They are the enemies of democracy and when democracy is stifled for long enough people will resort to extraordinary measures. This is what you are inviting if you vote to remain because you are voting to give the global elites all of the power forever. Let that sink in.

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