Tuesday 14 January 2014

Welfare state: A fascist ideology

This video is interesting. Lefties like to tell me that without the welfare state, there would be no welfare at all. But here, Beveridge says that the creation of the welfare state was to be an amalgamation and confiscation of existing welfare provisions. Essentially it was the monopoly nationalisation of independent and municipal welfare to bring about the post-war utopian socialist vision.

The very same was done to our utilities, transport, manufacturing and housing. It was a fascist ideology from the outset; the blueprint for the social component in Le Corbusier's planned society, where the needs and desires of people as human animals were secondary to their craven lust for order, directed from the centre.  

If you find elements of this video at all reminiscent of the propaganda films from Hitler's 1930's nation-building programme, you shouldn't be at all surprised. They are essentially the same thing: Confiscation of private assets, forced nationalisations, state-directed capitalism and repression of individual rights, with power wielded only by a select few, who thought only they knew what was best for us. Sadly, much of that mentality in our rulers survives today.

The NHS and the welfare state are the last dominoes to fall in the dismantling of this grotesque, failed experiment. The folly of mass social housing is behind us, along with the dead hand of socialism on our manufacturing, and the writing is on the wall for the bloated and decaying NHS. But the damage wrought by welfarism will last for generations to come. We can privatise industry and we can bulldoze the tower blocks, but sixty years of social programming is not so easily undone, even with rapid cuts to welfare.  The mindset is still spoon-fed to children through state run schools.  All the more reason why we do need Free-schools, so that we may be free of this cancer forever.

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