Tuesday 14 January 2014

More Romanians please!


Just watching episode 2 of Benefit Street. I can REALLY see why the left are so keen to silence Channel 4. It shows the Romanians as motivated, resilient, enterprising, daring and optimistic, willing to take on more hardship if it advances their chances of finding work and improving their lives. A far cry from the attitudes of a white, English, obese, idle slob sitting on the sofa complaining about the lack of opportunity.

That's the problem with Brits. They'd sooner settle for their state subsidised poverty; Too cosseted and entitled to take a risk - and too selfish to get off their bottoms. THAT is why we need a war on welfare. Brits need shaking out of their complacency.

This is offensive to the Left because the notion that you can shape your own future with effort, sacrifice and enterprise (as demonstrated by immigrants) runs counter to the left wing narrative that we are all helpless victims who couldn't survive without the dead hand of welfare. Little wonder they hate it.

I expect those Romanians will be quite well off in ten years time, while that pile of stale lard is still sitting on her sofa, sucking on her NHS oxygen tank, complaining how little she gets from "the government". This programme exposes what the left would rather keep as their dirty little secret. Channel 4 deserves our gratitude for shining a light on their bankrupt ideology.

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