Thursday 11 April 2013

Ten lies about Mrs Thatcher

  • She was twice winner of Wimbledon.
  • She had webbed feet and aquatic gills.
  • Her favourite band was Anthrax.
  • She was allergic to cheese.
  • She was a recurring extra in Eastenders.
  • She had the worlds largest collection of Elvis memorabilia.
  • She was Croydon arm-wrestling champion three years in a row.
  • She could bend spoons with the power of her mind.
  • She was a critical member of the Apollo 12 mission.
  • She kept four goats at Number 10 Downing Street.

1 comment:

  1. My wife and I had a game for many years, spotting the number of times Mrs. Thatcher was blamed for all the world's ills. (She invented greed, you know!). It was surprising how often she cropped up.

    I think probably her big mistake was cutting THE ARTS COUNCIL GRANT. This put every luvvie and media troll against her and, being mostly seriously unoriginal people, they have kept saying it ever since - often to applause in the background.

    Having lived through the pre-Thatcher years, running a small business and getting through to the post-Thatcher years, the improvement was tremendously beneficial in all sort of ways. Even New Labour did not dare deliver us back into the hands of the trade union barons. Of course, since John Major it has been downhill in many other ways since then.