Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Breitbart and Ukip - opposite tapers of the same shit

Breitbart London is one of those right-wing outrage shitrags which has essentially become the mouthpiece of Ukip. It bleats on about freedom of speech, but today some absolutely slanderous remarks were made about EUreferendum in the comments, so vile in nature that even I was offended. I typed a carefully worded reply so as to avoid the attention of the moderator and kept it as fair minded as I can possibly be. Moments later, they deleted it and allowed the original remarks to stand.

The comments followed the typical Ukipist line of attack which is now so familiar to us, which is always deployed on that website rather than address the points put to them. They have no message discipline when it comes to policy but when it comes to slander, they are all on the same page.

We have said for some time that if the out cause becomes an aggressive, nativist retreat to Little England, we’ll lose any referendum, but that is now exactly what Ukip is. A party for irreconcilably stupid and nasty people. They are scum.

If you are in Ukip and you can't see that by now, then our every breath spent talking to you is an utter waste. We have no interest in speaking with Ukipists now. All Ukipists will now be instantly banned from our sites and your comments will be deleted. We believe in freedom of speech, but we are more concerned with quality of debate. And Ukip have proved time and again that they have nothing to say worth hearing. If Ukip is the true face of Euroscepticism, then we actually deserve to stay in the EU.

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